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Seaside Sustainability aims to be a leader in environmental and STEM educational programs and recognition initiatives.



Seaside Sustainability’s environmental and STEM programs and initiatives encourage members of the community young and old to build and nurture a relationship with local land and seascapes. We address these issues by illuminating the heavy costs of environmental degradation, and providing resources to develop skills, solutions, recognition, and community involvement to counterbalance that impact.


Our Team

Seaside Sustainability is composed of a small, dedicated, and streamlined staff with over 85 years of combined experience in the fields of Biology, Science, Backcountry Medicine, Training and Development, Business Entrepreneurship, and Experiential Education.  Unified by our shared passions for engagement with the natural world, we inspire participants to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and draw their own conclusions.  As emphasized by the Association of Experiential Learning, Seaside Sustainability programs provide the opportunity to develop one's learning potential beyond mere concepts and procedures; this hands-on approach challenges actively-engaged learners to take initiative, make connections, practice authentic reflection and to construct meaning from novel experiences.  Applying critical thinking and communication skills in a collaborative setting, our investigation-based programs will engage participants and provide them with essential skills that will empower them for the rest of their lives.

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Eric Magers

Executive Director and program coordinator

Eric has been with Seaside Sustainability since its founding in 2013, and has since transformed the concept into a full-fledged charitable organization.   He is a long-time teacher and brings over 25 years of experience in environmental and experiential education.  His work in the environmental education field has identified him as a national leader, garnering dozens of local, state, and national awards.  His collaboration with innumerable communities and like-minded organizations has earned him quite a following.  As such, in addition to program development and management, his focus in the organization is on outreach, partnerships, and networking.    


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Emily Arthur

director of Development and Business operations

Emily started working for Seaside Sustainability in 2014 as a part-time project advisor, and then moved into the role of Grant Administrator.  Her roles in the organization now also include program development, educational research, marketing, funding, and overall operations and administration.  Raised in Boulder, CO, Emily has always been passionate about ecology and environmental literacy, and received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Environmental & Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming.   She currently attends Salem State University and is near completion of her Masters of Arts in Teaching with a focus in Mathematics.  

“I certainly never feel discouraged. I can’t myself raise the winds that might blow us or this ship into a better world. But I can at least put up the sail so that when the wind comes, I can catch it.”
― Ernst F. Schumacher

Dee dee camhi

board of directors

Having always worked in education in some capacity, Dee Dee brings perspective and inspiration to the team.  She is able to think out of the box and challenges the organization to aspire for new opportunities while also making sure we have our bases covered by developing and managing standards of performance and evaluation.

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larry pihl

board of directors

With a history of environmental passion and a career in business sales, Larry helps to balance the scale between dreams and reality.  Larry's skills steer the organization to make a difference in the community by pursuing a sustainable business model that guides recording and reporting so that we may aptly pursue our goals as a not for profit organization.  

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David Stearns

board of directors
Business & General Strategy

The genius behind the scenes, David specializes in development, planning and anticipation of future organization needs and goals.  He is the momentum behind our growth and provides technical and tactical support to  keep the organization on track and always moving forward.

There is no greater concern for mankind than developing and maintaining standards and efforts to manage our environment to mitigate or reverse the effects of global climate change.”
— Larry Pihl, Board of Directors, Seaside Sustainability, Inc.

Michael beaton

Michael Beaton is the proud owner of RE/MAX At The Coast, serving the Cape Ann real estate market. Mike has been an incredibly valuable partner for Seaside Sustainability as he has graciously provided us with a wonderful space for employees and interns at the REMAX office in Rockport. Our work would not be possible without Mike's generous hospitality.

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Sarah willwerth-dyer

Sarah Willwerth-Dyer is a Senior Partner at Anthony & Dodge Certified Public Accountants. Sarah provides Seaside with top-notch professional accounting services and has been integral in the financial side of our operations. Her invaluable expertise has been incredibly important in the development of our nonprofit.


The greatest impact that Seaside Sustainability, Inc. can make as an organization is to expand our base of community interest, contribution and partnerships.  Whether you'd like to learn more, make a donation, get connected, or put your skills to work and
join us in our cause, this is the place to do it.  

The portals below will connect you to take the first steps to make a difference in your own life as well as your community.


We couldn't be where we are today without generous contributions from people like yourself. Organization development and growth are funded entirely by grants and donations.  If you believe in our mission, and are interested in making a financial contribution to further the opportunities of Seaside Sustainability, Inc., please take a moment to make a donation by following the portal below.  

Seaside Sustainability, Inc. is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

Share your thoughts

We want to hear from you! Have ideas for us?  A proposal for a program?  Do you have a skill or connection that could expand our reach or impact?  Is there a gap you see that could be filled?  Equipment donations are always appreciated, as these make it possible for us to provide a wider array of opportunities to more people for lower participation costs.  Maybe you have constructive feedback that could improve our concept, procedures or reach?  Do you have experience in environmental field work or research?  Or perhaps as an educator?  We are always looking to make connections with local professionals, community organizations, or committed individuals who are seeking to make a difference in our local communities!  Fill out a quick form about who you are and what's on your mind, or send us an email directly; either way, we thank you for your time and interest and will be in touch!

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Community Partnerships

Combining the expertise of Seaside Sustainability's diverse partner organizations, we are truly a community organization, and couldn't possibly be where we are today without these collaborations.  

Our supporters are essential to the growth and expansion of Seaside Sustainability.  These partners have been invaluable in getting the Seaside concept off the ground by providing outreach, and a wide variety of beneficial opportunities for educational exploration, including developing initiatives, contributing expert knowledge, and spreading local awareness about issues addressed through Seaside Sustainability programs. Thus far, we have come to flourish through the support and partnership of many entities, and as Seaside Sustainability  continues to grow and expand in scope, we maintain an open door to future partnerships and opportunities.  

Become a Partner

Collaborations with partner organizations have been instrumental in bringing the Seaside concept to life.  We would love to hear from you about your organization and how a relationship with Seaside Sustainability could be mutually beneficial for us both!!  Take a moment to reach out to us, and we will be in touch with you. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!  Email:

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We are here for you.  Regardless of your inquiry, email is the best form of communication to be in touch with us.  

General Questions:

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Interested in getting more involved with Seaside Sustainability?  We want to hear from you!  Introduce yourself, let us know what caught your interest, how you'd like to be involved, and what we can do for you.  

Eric Magers, Executive Director & Program Coordinator,
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