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Image by Matt Hardy


Working with Restaurants to Improve Sustainability Efforts & Reduce Marine Pollution

Our Goal

The Seaside Sustainability Restaurant Initiative is a resource to help educate and provide sustainable swaps by forming pro-bono/free partnerships with restaurants. We aim to create a collective of restaurants that are examples of successful marine-friendly establishments to promote sustainability throughout the nation.

Demand for Sustainability

The restaurant industry generates large amounts of plastic waste such as single-use straws, food-ware, and fishing gear. Marine debris is one of the most widespread issues⁴ that face the world's oceans, and overfishing can lead to food crises and financial hardships.³ Many consumers acknowledge that it is crucial to protect the ocean's resources for future generations and would pay more for restaurants that use sustainable practices. Eighty-six percent² of American consumers expect companies to act on social and environmental issues. Our interns Anna O’Brien, Kate Pinette, and Sneha Patel created the Seaside Approved Restaurant project to streamline choosing sustainable swaps and guide restaurants toward a greener future.

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