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Marine Science & Technology

Marine Science & Technology

Protecting our coastal waterways through education and action

What We Do

As leaders in sustainability, we work together to develop and realize educational products that provide us with the opportunity to heal our planet. In addition to collaborative educational initiatives, we are also committed to promoting blue technology by fostering partnerships between our partnered organizations and our communities.  

It all begins with a thought. The Marine Science & Education subteam is dedicated to turning thoughts into action by focusing on the first step to change: education. By informing the next generation of the ways in which our environment is hurting and how we can help, our team inspires students to leave the classroom and put into practice what they now know.

The Blue Technology subteam is purposed with promoting “Blue technology” (i.e., marine debris intervention devices that, unlike other devices, are not harmful to the marine ecosystem) by creating and maintaining meaningful partnerships.
We connect with various organizations that are invested in the idea of sustainable marine debris intervention and ocean purification.


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Want to learn more about what we've done? Click here to find out more about our projects. 

We Take Action

Our educational initiatives take place in and outside of the classroom. Our members of the Marine Science & Technology team are provided with the opportunity for hands-on experience. From facilitating the implementation and operation of cutting-edge blue technology across the nation to the organization of local beach cleanups, we act with the big picture in mind by becoming involved in our community.

We Like To Keep It Local

As champions of community involvement, Seaside Sustainability offers opportunities to connect and make an impact in its Massachusetts home Cape Ann.

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