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Blue Technologies

Seaside Sustainability uses blue technologies to conduct original marine science investigations in order to better understand the specific needs of the Cape Ann and North Shore waterways. These technologies enhance the data we collect and provide new opportunities for marine research.

Blue Technologies, such as Seabins, Skimmers, and FiFish, are innovative devices and systems designed to monitor and clean our oceans without harming marine ecosystems. Because we firmly believe blue technology is the future of sustainable oceans, Seaside Sustainability has become an agent of The Seabin Project, and we have acquired a FiFish underwater drone for educational use. Seaside has also incorporated the use of two additional aquadrones into our field work and educational programs.


Seaside Sustainability also collaborates with the Cape Ann Maritime Partnership, which has bought and maintains two Seabins and a skimmer, which passively collect marine debris in our local area. Skimmer, lovingly called Skimmy and located at the Gloucester Maritime Museum, is equipped to collect larger quantity of debris.