Seaside is always looking for innovative, creative, and driven leaders who better the environment through their engineering.

Cape Ann Maritime Partnership

The Cape Ann Maritime Partnership has been an instrumental key to Seaside's success. CAMP was created to create relationships and teamwork in local organizations to coordinate efforts that better our marine ecosystem. 


Here at Seaside, we are proud to play the role of facilitator of community involvement. We are so grateful to the Cape Ann Maritime Fund for their support and investment in our partners, the Seabin, making our waters a cleaner and healthier ecosystem. Through their contribution, we have been able to obtain two Seabins in our waters and personally have seen their benefits.

The BluePhin

BluePhin Technologies is a great example of who Seaside looks to dedicate to support: innovative inventors of the future. With their dedication for sustainability and a cleaner future, we are proud of collaborate with them as they begin to launch their product.

BluePhin BlueTech Pilot & Research

The BluePhin is an automatic waste-collecting robot that uses its advanced technologies to search and hunt plastic materials, microplastics, algae, and other marine pollution debris. 

Here at Seaside, we are excited to be part of BluePhin's pilot program, using their technologies in our local environment to provide real-life feedback while making our waters cleaner at the same time.

Check out the BluePhin's CNN Cameo!

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The Smartfin

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Smartfin technology come Summer 2020. 

The Smartfin is a brand new state of the art technology that measures oceanic trends and health, through the creative collaboration of scientists and surfers. The technology attaches to the bottom of surfboards and uses its sensors to collect data about oceanic features such as temperature, location, and wave characteristics.  

At Seaside, we're stoked to be part of this innovative movement, and look forward to our upcoming summer collaboration. 


The FiFish is a unique, underwater drone that the user controls to navigate some of the more untouched parts of our world.

The underwater camera is remote controlled, with 6 degrees of freedom. What makes the FiFish even more unique, is its ability for first-person vision with the paired headset. Using their phones, handlers are able to navigate the machine by moving their screen in the desired directions.

With features such as light-control, first-person view, endless other unique qualities and the drone gives users incredible navigation within the water.

The FiFish has already been a big hit on various media outlets, partnering with National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and Amazon to name a few. 

Because of the FiFish, scientists or divers can get a greater understanding in the localized ocean environment. Its cutting-edge motion technology makes the navigation process an easy to use and control machine. 

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