The FiFish V6 is a remotely operated underwater drone used for research and educational purposes. It can be used to identify hotspots of sunken marine debris.

The underwater camera is remote controlled, with 6 degrees of freedom. What makes the FiFish even more unique, is its ability for first-person vision with the paired headset. Using their phones, handlers are able to navigate the machine by moving their screen in the desired directions. 

With features such as light-control, first-person view, endless other unique qualities and the drone gives users incredible navigation within the water. It offers 4K video and can travel up to depths of 100 meters, and moves like a fish!

The FiFish has already been a big hit on various media outlets, partnering with National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and Amazon to name a few. 

Because of the FiFish, scientists or divers can get a greater understanding in the localized ocean environment. Its cutting-edge motion technology makes the navigation process an easy to use and control machine. 

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