Protecting our coastal waters through education and action


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Cape Ann Maritime Partnership (CAMP)


We are proud to announce a partnership between NOAA’s Marine Debris Program members, US Coast Guard members, Maritime Gloucester, Seaside Sustainability, Gloucester's Clean City Commission, and One Ocean One Love.  We have one goal in mind: eradicate marine pollution. 


This issue affects our economy, our landscapes, and worst of all, helpless marine life. In order to attack this problem, it needs a full court press. Our project not only collects pollution, but educates the public. We have installed Seabins and Marine Trash Skimmers into Gloucester Harbor which collect marine pollution 24/7, 8 months a year. We have installed two different products that do the same job and will study their relative benefits. 

First, we will determine which product is the most effective and able to stand up to New England weather. We can also gather data on the types and amounts of pollution the two products collect. Currently one Seabin is in Cripple Cove in Gloucester and the other at Granite Pier in Rockport.  The Skimmer is located at Maritime Gloucester in Gloucester.  

The beauty of this project will be two-fold: actively collecting plastics, detergents, and other harmful substances from our water, and also becoming a part of the greater education program in Cape Ann, engaging children and families all summer long.

There is also real opportunity for marinas in the area, especially those with a fuel pier, to participate. These units provide suction 24/7, and have the ability (with oil absorption pads) to collect spilled gasoline, diesel, and detergents. 


Become a partner in this fight. Join Cape Ann Maritime Partnership.