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Under Seaside Sustainability's fiscal sponsorship to eradicate marine pollution, the Cape Ann Marine Partnership joins forces with the NOAA Marine Debris Program, the US Coast Guard, Maritime Gloucester, Gloucester's Clean City Commission, and One Ocean One Love.


Together, we are raising funds to install two prototype designs in Gloucester Harbor - the country's oldest seaport - to actively gather floating marine debris year-round. The types and origins of collected debris will be recorded to provide new mitigation strategies and to educate the public on the impact of our trash on local marine environment.

What Is The Problem?

"Over the past five or six decades, contamination and pollution of the coastal waters by [marine debris] has been an ever-increasing phenomenon."

Marine debris one of the largest threats to our oceans. All these plastic, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, and other discarded items filling up the oceans come from people, and find their way into water through littering, poor waste management practices, or natural disasters. These tiny debris then spread through the entire ecosystem to tangle up wildlife, move up the food chain after being ingested and repel tourists, heavily impacting the environment and the economy alike.



Prevent marine debris from entangling or being ingested by marine life

Increase tourism and boost visual appeal of Cape Ann by cleaning up coastal landscapes

Boost local fishing economy by increasing the health of potential catches

Protect our health by minimizing the amount of microplastics entering our food chain

Provide effective educational tools to raise awareness and engage the community

How Do We Address It?

We installed two prototypes specializing in marine-surface trash collection -- seabin and marine skimmer (see below) in strategically chosen locations of Gloucester Harbor to collect debris 24/7 and serve as community engagement and public education tools for the Maritime Gloucester education program.


We will also gather data on the types and locations of our collection to trace the pollutants to their sources.  Such information will provide insight for future mitigation policy and techniques, as well as the choice of locations of future collection devices.


Learn more about the prototypes in this video!

Looking Forward

Once the Seabin and Marine Skimmer are installed, we will collect and compare the results from each product. Based on local needs, we will assess the performance of each product, and move forward with the purchase and installation of several more units in all corners of Cape Ann including Rockport, Essex, Magnolia, Gloucester, Annisquam, and Manchester.


Our ultimate goal is to lead the Massachusetts Bay area towards a marine debris-free future in New England.

In The Press

The Cape Ann Maritime Partnership is in the local news, spreading the word about the Clean Harbor Initiative and fundraising events!  Check out this article by Mary Markos in the Gloucester Daily Times: Raise Money for Harbor Cleaners.  

One Ocean One Love is selling Clean harbor Initiative Tees for $28.  100% of the profits go towards the fundraising efforts for the purchase of a Sea Bin and Marine Skimmer for the  Cape Ann Maritime Partnership sponsored Clean Harbor Initiative.

Clean Harbor Initiative Tee with CAMP logo, sizes S-XXL
Pick yours up in store today or order online.

East Gloucester Kid's Club

Donates $540.00

To Help Purchase Clean Harbor Technologies!

Kim Smith, Good Morning Gloucester, August 10, 2017 
Check out full story on Good Morning Gloucester's site

Hear more about "Pick it Up" kids club, youth driven fundraiser, and Clean Harbor Initiative Progress on


1: Gregory, M. R. (2009). Environmental implications of plastic debris in marine settings—entanglement, ingestion, smothering, hangers-on, hitch-hiking and alien invasions. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 364(1526), 2013–2025.

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