We work with a wide network of partners to create and implement sustainability initiatives both locally and regionally. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide our partner organizations & schools, as well as educators & students, with resources for projects so they may initiate involvement and inspire change in our local coastal communities.  


Clean Harbor Initiative

The Cape Ann Marine Partnership joins together the NOAA Marine Debris Program, the US Coast Guard, Maritime Gloucester, Gloucester's Clean City Commission, and One Ocean One Love under Seaside Sustainability's fiscal sponsorship through an initiative to eradicate marine pollution. These organizations, which strive to promote marine health and sustainability awareness, are fundraising to install two different prototype designs in Gloucester Harbor which will actively gather floating marine debris year-round. Data will be collected on the types and origins of collected debris which will be used to provide new mitigation strategies and to educate the public on the impact our trash is having on our local marine environment.