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Mitigation, Adaptation, Resilience

Seaside's Climate Action Program's mission is to advance climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience strategies which decrease human impact on the environment and preserve the natural systems critical to life on earth.

Our Teams

There are four teams within the Climate Action Program:

  • Community Action

  • Nature Based Solutions

  • Renewable Energy, and

  • Climate Change Newsletter

While each team has their own projects and initiatives, they also offer many opportunities for collaboration.

Think of each team as a different component of a complete climate action strategy: The Nature Based Solutions and Renewable Energy teams focus on specific climate solutions, the Community Action team implements Renewable Energy and Nature Based Solutions in the community, and the Newsletter team educates and updates the Seaside community about topics and projects our teams are focusing on and implementing.

Community Action Team

Connects people and communities towards a common goal of climate action, and encourages solutions through individual and collective action

The community action team connects with local coalition groups and national climate action groups, and helps inspire communities to actively participate in the fight against climate change. We promote and facilitate collective action locally and internationally through outreach and activism. Our team has successfully created a guide for organizing for climate action specifically. 


The Community Action team is currently working on a virtual campaign called the “Vote for the Planet” Campaign. They are actively researching representatives from each state for the upcoming congress and state elections, and finding the candidates who have positively impacted the environment through the support of sustainable policies and other actions they have taken to support climate action. This campaign will be a good resource for voters who are looking to “vote for the planet” and help stop climate change.

Renewable Energy Team

Advances and implements renewable energy technologies, policies, and adaption

Seaside’s Renewable Energy team is composed of highly knowledgeable individuals that specialize in collecting and analyzing information and data regarding renewable energy technologies, relevant state policies and programs, emissions-reduction strategies, and Renewable Energy Standards in order to promote the forwarding of and education on sustainable practices. The major goal of our current projects, the State Snapshot Profiles and Consumer Guidelines Report, is to translate that knowledge into one-stop-shop educational resources for residents and consumers alike.


The State Snapshot Profiles provide a resource for the general public to find information on their state’s renewable energy and climate action policies, as well as incentive programs to switch to renewable technologies and actionable items in which they can participate to help forward their state’s transition to renewable energy.


The Consumer Guidelines Report offers an in-depth analysis of each state’s energy consumption and production trends, available renewable energy programs and technologies, and a cost-savings analysis that illustrates the long-term benefits of switching to electricity generated from renewable sources.

Nature Based Solutions Team

Advances and implements natural climate solutions to reduce GHG emissions and make the world more resilient to the impacts of climate change

Our world’s natural ecosystems, like its forests and wetlands, are essential to our way of life. They help to sustain our food supply, protect us from natural disasters, boost our economies, and contribute to the health of our environments. Nature-based solutions use these tools provided by nature to address challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, water pollution, food security and many more. The Nature Based Solutions team here at Seaside is focused on taking actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural and modified ecosystems in ways that address these challenges effectively and adaptively to provide both societal benefits and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Our previous work includes an inventory of pre-existing nature-based solutions in Massachusetts which helped to better our understanding of what solutions are already in place in the state and what can be implemented in the future. We are currently working on a guide to help everyday citizens take steps to implement smaller scale nature-based solutions in their own homes and lives. We hope to plan, design, and implement our own NbS projects in the near future.

Climate Change Newsletter Team

Educates the Seaside community on important climate and energy related issues and outlines how readers can take action themselves

Our Climate Change Newsletter, called "C-Change" highlights the importance of Seaside’s mission by covering climate news as it unfolds. Our articles cover various topics in the realm of human-caused climate change, focusing on the fossil fuel industry. In each monthly newsletter, we provide readers with a profound understanding of the human footprint and aim to educate them on events that the mainstream media tend to glaze over.

Each piece is researched and written by Seaside interns who are passionate about inciting sustainable change and whose constant curiosity leads to articles on a range of topics, from coral bleaching to major supreme court decisions. While climate news can be overwhelming, our writers emphasize our wins, not just our losses, and provide readers with a sense of hope and inspiration to take action and join our cause!

Condo Decarbonization in Cape Ann Report 2023

Community Action, Seaside Sustainability, Cape Ann Climate Coalition, TownGreen

This project aimed to examine how condo owners of Cape Ann felt about condo decarbonization and if they thought they had adequate resources. Working with members of the Cape Ann community, we found that there may be little interest in decarbonizing condos due to a lack of resources and barriers such as money, time, condo relationships, politics, and available programs.

Click the icon below for the Condo Decarbonization in Cape Ann Report 2023

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