Taking initiative to clean the oceans


Taking initiative to clean the oceans


Seaside is spearheading two Gloucester-based projects at the junction of art and sustainability: Goby and Drain smART. Combined, they provide a wonderful interplay highlighting the importance of art in the public perception of sustainability.


A large metal fish, Goby, will be placed on local beaches and filled with marine debris, serving as social commentary and inspiration to onlookers and beachgoers. This fish sculpture aims to call more attention to our usage of plastics and the growing and harmful influence these plastics have on our ecosystems. In further support, local schools with welding programs are developing their own sculptures, bringing more attention to our growing and harmful influence on beaches, the sea, and marine life.

Drain smART

Drain smART Gloucester Schools Project is a fun and inspirational art project brought together through collaboration between Seaside Sustainability, the Gloucester Education Foundation, and the Gloucester Clean City Commission. The goal of this collaboration is to educate the public by utilizing an accessible method- all one has to do is walk by a mural to receive its message! 


These murals will encourage passerby not to pollute by acting as a reminder that all trash and harmful chemicals travel directly into the ocean through these drains. While hoping to reduce the amount of pollutants entering waterways, we also want to increase public knowledge of storm water and storm drains.

Painted drain with flowers and butterflies
Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 8.35.07 AM
Painted drain with deep-sea diver
Large mural with ocean life
Large mural with ocean life
Large mural depicting "be the change"


School approved teams, groups, or classes, will paint pre-approved ocean-themed murals on and around storm drains on pre-approved Gloucester Public Schools grounds. We are also open to working with schools outside of Gloucester. 

Supplies and instruction are provided!

For more information, please contact Eric Magers at