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"This was a great opportunity to take meaningful action to reduce my carbon footprint, with the added benefit of actually paying less for the energy I use at home... For a long time, we have been looking into solar panels for our house but for one reason or another haven’t been able to pull the trigger. This is a great alternative."  
--Michelle L., Seaside Sustainability Supporter

Community Solar

the Easier option for Everyone

What We are Offering

Great News - Community solar is coming your way! Solar farms are being built in National Grid's electric service territory in Massachusetts. More slots are opening up, and homeowners and renters can now participate, save money, and reduce the use of dirty fossil fuel!

More great news - It's easy! There's NO additional installation or maintenance needed on your behalf. You will be able to join FOR FREE and stay a National Grid Electric customer. Plus, you will receive a monthly discount on your electricity bill! 

Best of all - You protect the environment by joining! Switching to solar reduces the use of fossil fuels and the trail of environmental problems in their wake. Also, Seaside Sustainability will receive a one-time donation for each home that enrolls, so your contribution to our planet automatically DOUBLES when you join!

The Basics

  • Community solar farms are being built in National Grid's electric service territory in Massachusetts

  • NO ADDITIONAL installation or maintenance needed

  • Joining is FREE

  • Open to renters AND homeowners on National Grid Electric

  • Monthly discount on your share of the energy produced at the farm

  • Receive electricity with the same reliability

  • Seaside Sustainability will receive a one-time donation for each home that enrolls

Interested? Available openings are limited and will be served on a first-come-first-served basis, so schedule a free consultation TODAY!

What You Get


Still Counting

United by a Shared Mission

Relay Power seeks to democratize solar and help folks live more sustainably. They have already helped thousands of Massachusetts households to subscribe to a local community solar farm, saving the participants millions of dollars at the same time.

We at Seaside Sustainability proudly lead our community in building and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the local environment. We strive to provide resources and chances-- such as this one-- to promote a more environment-friendly lifestyle.


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