We work with a wide network of partners to create and implement sustainability initiatives both locally and regionally. 


About 10 times during the year, Seaside Sustainability—along with its many other partners—collaborate to conduct coastal cleanups. With a growing amount of debris landing on our beaches, it is important to think about where those items will go when the tide rises. Because of these efforts, much of that trash does not end up in the ocean. This team also understands the value of removing debris that have already entered the ocean, which is why this team uses boats in addition to their teams on foot. Over the years this has proven to be a success among large and small debris, collecting items such as lobster traps and fishing gear, that are otherwise harmful to the marine ecosystem.

Our Partners:

• Dr. Robert Whitehouse: UMass Lowell Professor - all collected plastics are given to Dr. Whitehouse to be turned into marine degradable plastic products.

• Cape Ann Maritime Partnership

• One Ocean One Love

• Gloucester Clean City Commission