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One of the Gloucester Clean City Commission's beautification projects is a drain art initiative.  The objective is two fold in that the project integrates local art into the community, and that it increases the health and aesthetic appeal of local waterways with a reduction in pollutants and floating debris entering into the harbor and ocean.  Storm drains have a unique and very important connection to the ocean as they allow water from the land, and any chemicals or trash present, to flow untreated into the marine environment. Massive amounts of harmful marine debris are created through this process, yielding a harbor contaminated with cigarette butts, plastic bags, straws, utensils, cups and bottles. Every time it rains, trash and pollutants on our streets are carried into the storm drains and directly to our streams and harbors.


  • Reduce pollutants from entering through storm water systems
  • Provide aesthetic value
  • Increase public knowledge of storm water and storm drains
  • Allow local artists to showcase abilities and artwork
  • Promote public art as an effective educational tool
trash in drain.png

What is it? 

Drain smART is an initiative inspired by Salem Sound Coastwatch, working to raise awareness about the link between storm drains and the ocean’s health. Calling local artists to submit designs for educational storm drain “murals”.  Artists will implement designs from June to September on drains in Gloucester. All murals that are submitted must illustrate the connection between the drains and the ocean.

 Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR

Why murals? 

Tasteful murals will educate Gloucester residents about the connection between storm drains and the ocean and their ability to carry pollutants into the marine environment. Murals, such as the two shown above, have been implemented successfully across the country and have yielded positive results.

 Baltimore,  MD

Baltimore,  MD


Storm drain murals offer a unique and effective method to educate the public about storm drains and reduce the amount of pollution entering waterways. Murals are highly visible and contain an aesthetic quality that will catch the eye of any passerby, sparking an awareness towards marine debris and sense of stewardship for our local marine resources.

Elvert Barnes HyattsvilleMD 1April2015.jpg


Detailed information for drain mural artists:

Drain smART Gloucester Artist Manual

For more information, or with questions, contact us: drainsmart@seasidesustainability.org

Drain smART Design Application

The Gloucester Clean City Commission consists of local city of Gloucester members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. These committed and passionate individuals serve to keep the city of Gloucester beautiful by organizing and directing volunteer efforts, working with all city departments, and keeping the Mayor and appropriate city departments informed of the maintenance and beautification needs of public property.  In particular, the GCCC has initiated numerous sustainability initiatives to fulfill their community beautification roles.  

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