Eight Towns And The Great Marsh

The Great Marsh is the largest salt marsh north of Long Island, New York, and covers an area of over 20,000 acres from Gloucester to Newburyport. As the marsh is an important resource for maintaining a balanced, diverse, and lively coastal ecosystem, a group called the 8 Towns and The Great Marsh was founded to preserve this resource. Because of Seaside Sustainability's work on the North Shore, we have been given the position as Gloucester’s collaborator and representative for the Great Marsh. In this position, Seaside Sustainability will work alongside these other towns to protect and serve the Salt Marsh of New England. In addition, Seaside Sustainability will work with many groups to promote coastal protection and educate on the importance of the Great Marsh.

Seaside Sustainability collaborates with local, regional, and national partners to work on projects in the area of marine sciences. Most recently we have partnered with Salem sound Coast-watch to facilitate acidification testing of the Northshore Mudflats.



Seaside Sustainability partners with Salem Sound Coastwatch measure the effects that CO2 has on the mudflats that surround the North Shore.  SSCW Partner: Jack Nessen jacknessen@salemsound.org.

Locations: Annisquam River @ Gloucester High School, Conomo Point, Essex, and Tucks Point & Masconomo Park, Manchester