Join this group of passionate students to make a difference in your own school, helping the community address climate change issues.  Team members will be challenged to choose initiatives that develop real life solutions inspired by the motto “Think Globally by Acting Locally”.  Learn about how the climate is changing right here in Gloucester, affecting local species and causing phenomenon such as sea level rise.  We will have the opportunity to take local field trips to connect with local community leaders in the environmental movement.  We will explore the natural world around us by learning wilderness survival skills while hiking in the woods, or by strapping on our muck boots to explore the flora and fauna in the nearby mudflats. Come have tons of fun with friends while also making a difference in your school and community!


Already love Backyard Growers on Thursday?  
Join the Environmental Club on Tuesdays to learn how sustainability topics can also be applied to other local ventures in the  community!!!  

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Come and promote your own ideas or pick from our list of fun ideas:


Creative Solutions to Raise Public Awareness in your school and community:

Implement a Zero Waste campaign and waste management system at O’Maley

*Composting and recycling (books, clothes, electronics) in every room

*Find solutions to reduce water and electricity use throughout O’Maley building

Direct a video for our Cape Ann Cable TV

Develop a Social Media presence
            *Design and brand a logo

Create public art projects to get the word out about local issues

Contribute to community-wide Weatherization Project
           *Connect with local sponsor organizations including
-Mass Save
-Gloucester’s Clean Energy Commission 

Design and Promote “Green Living Fair”
(sponsored by TownGreen at O’Maley in April)                
           *GREAT opportunity to take on a leadership role!!


Questions or Comments?  Send an email to info@seasidesustainability.org!