Junior Hornets Field Hockey Clinic

Participants: Beginner & Novice Players
Cost: $259– includes reversible tank jersey (“pinnie”) with clinic logos  
When: July 31st – August 3rd (August 4th rain date) 
Times: Mon-Th, 8 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Coach Ed Field, Norwood Ave & Brook Street, Manchester, MA

The Junior Hornets Field Hockey Clinic is designed to expose players of all levels to the wonderful growing sport of field hockey.  Field hockey clinic provides a fun, safe and affordable experience regardless of skill level. This clinic is specifically directed towards the player that is interested in learning the awesome sport of field hockey for the first time or for those with limited exposure who want to get to know the sport better. This week-long session builds on playing as team, learning new skills, and becoming the best field hockey player that you can be!

 Photo by Justin Warner via Flickr*

Photo by Justin Warner via Flickr*

The Junior Hornets Field Hockey clinic provides players with an environment to grow, learn, and improve in this exciting game. Some drills are self-officiated; players often grow throughout the experience, developing ownership and respect of themselves and the sport as a whole. This clinic was created to give opportunities to neighboring field hockey community participants to grow as individuals and to provide a fun and rewarding environment to blow off steam, learn and grow your skills!!!


Establish & improve field hockey skills to:

•  Reinforce team-building, leadership, compassion, and collaboration
•  Emphasize team success over personal achievement

A community in which players from different schools can meet, socialize, and become friends!!

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Clinic coach Patty Wright, started playing field hockey at a very young age. Born and raised in Essex Massachusetts, after graduating from Manchester Essex Regional High School, Patty played all four years of college for New England College’s DIII Field Hockey team, starting in every single game (except one, because of an injury).  
Wright was THE key player, both in offensive and defensive positions, which earned her the Pilgrim Award (MVP) her senior year as the leading scorer and the leader for defensive saves. A remarkably diverse player on the field, her love and obedience of the game is what her coaches say made her stand out among comparably-skilled players.  Her leadership and heart for the game earned her the vote for Team Captain in her senior year. 
After college, Patty became the Freshman Field Hockey Coach for Manchester Essex.

 Coach Wright in action on the field!

Coach Wright in action on the field!

Join Coach Wright this summer for an action-packed week of field hockey at Coach Ed. Brook St. Field in Manchester!!!

What you can expect:

Week-long clinic will provide appropriate instruction for players that are just learning, or players with limited exposure who have a desire to improve their field hockey gamesmanship.  Following are some of the skills & techniques that will be practiced:

  • Agility & stretching before and after play--This is key to reduce risk of injury, as is hydration!!
  • Introduce ways to help players capitalize on, and measure the success of, any skills that they may already have.
  • Demonstrate and ensure each player understands drills ahead of time, including what is expected of the group as a whole, and what is expected from the players themselves (before each drill is performed); then players branch off and practice drill(s) individually and/or in small breakout groups.
    • Going through drills in “slow motion” allows players the best possible understanding of the drill they are asked to perform.
    • This way Coach Wright can watch players closely and provide tips or assistance if needed!  
  • Use cones to simulate game-like situations and as a safe way to practice different forms of dodges (including Y Dodge, Circle Dodge, Scopes, Right and Left Pulls).
  • Learn/practice different ways to travel 5 yards upon entering the circle.
  • Remember, safety is key, so players will practice control when handling the ball, including:
    • How to keep head/shoulders down to keep ball from rising into other players
    • Different ways to hit the ball (push, slap, drive and sweep)
    • What type of pace should be put on the ball

Tell your friends about this awesome week-long session!  This is going to be a fun and action-packed week crammed with valuable skills & techniques to grow as field hockey players!!  SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot!