Green Scholars and apprentices is a Course designed to give students a chance to directly impact their school. offered through an online format, this course is designed for both middle school and high school students looking to further their education in sustainability sciences.

Green Scholars Has Two Essential Parts

CESL “Cooperative Environmental Sustainability Learning”: an ongoing student (or teacher) lead classroom activity that increases students knowledge of environmental sustainability. Using a given format students independently design and conduct a lesson with the class on assigned environmental sustainability issue.  Skills include researching with careful use of sources, communication of main ideas and supporting detail, and class or group management skills.

Environmental & Sustainability Projects

The benefits of sustainability projects are multifaceted. They serve as a learning tool for students to reach their learning goals, increase school-wide sustainability efforts, reduce environmental impact, costs, and improve health and wellness. Most importantly, projects serve a model for learning lifelong environmental sustainability behaviors. While building on students understanding of environmental sustainability issues, projects allow for explicit instruction and guided practice of  “Getting It Done” skills. Organization, time management, and leadership skills are essential for life-long personal and professional successes. Choosing projects is made easy with two provided resources:

Potential projects can be anything students believe their school would benefit from...

  • Food composting

  • Beekeeping

  • Recycling store for clothes, electronics, sports equipment

  • Reducing plastic use within the school

  • Water conservation

  • Green cleaning

  • Energy conservation

  • Solar charging in each classroom for electronics

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Worm composting

  • Exploring buying green energy for your school

Learning "Get It Done" Skills

Throughout the course we emphasize the importance of learning what we call "Get it Done" skills. This includes...

  • Developing Organization: In managing projects and classroom discussion, students will learn the importance of  being well organized and prepared

  • Time Management: Students will learn to efficiently manage their time wisely from being encouraged to undergo project based learning among other activities in the course

  • Leadership Skills: Leading the classroom discussion and projects will engage students and encourage them to become leaders for their piers and community

Program Offerings

  • Premiere access the website

  • Videos based training

  • Rubrics identifying student objectives  which can be used for advanced organizer, assessment

  • Management and instructional guides for  CESL,  DOT, Green Scholars - Green Apprentice

  • School Self Evaluation & Project List

  • Comprehensive list of national resources

  • And coming soon will be an individual school portal where schools can show off and share their successes and accomplishments!  

Benefits of the Green Scholars/ Apprentice Courses

  • Project-based learning enhances student engagement through the active participation in projects that focus on real-world issues rather than passively attending classes

  • Provides opportunities for differentiated learning options within inclusive classrooms and to learn and practice leadership, “Getting It Done” skills

  • Teaches a sense of resiliency and adaptation to environmental changes

  • Enhances school wide sustainability efforts

  • Develops empowered, entrepreneurial leaders that are “future ready,” prepared to enter the 21st century workforce

  • Naturally integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines

  • Easy to implement eductor which includes valid and reliable assessments and simple video tutorials available online

  • Students, staff, and schools are poised to gain recognition and awards  

History & Awards 

This course has a great history of success. The author of this course has trained more than 300 educators and administrators from around the country and continue to consult with their programs. This author, and participating schools, and students have won countless regional and national awards making it one of the most award winning project based learning and environmental sustainability literacy programs in the nation.  

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