Seaside is developing multiple honor societies in collaboration with many regional and national partners. Our first and most expansive is scheduled to launch Spring / SUMMER of 2018. 

These societies will include students from elementary, middle, and high school as well as students on the college level.


Our honor societies provide recognition to students pursuing achievement in education, and encourages civic engagement, leadership, skill development, solutions, and community involvement.  


Looking Toward the Future

  • Honor societies provide opportunities to motivate all students reach their greatest potential in school and in life

  • They allow inductees to meet other dedicated students who are likely share the same academic goals

  • By attending networking events held by honor societies, leaders and employers will instantly recognize a dedicated student.

  • Having a program on one's resume is extremely valuable for years to come

  • They open the doors for new opportunities such as scholarships, awards, recognition and entrance into professional societies

  • The ability to network and meet new people who are interested in education is invaluable to a growing scholar   

"Honor societies provide opportunities for belonging as well as for developing maturity and independence."

Ferrari, Joseph R. (2006). Education and Employment among Alumni Academic Honor Society Leaders. 

A Solution and Motivation for Change

  • Only 16% of American high school seniors are proficient in math and interested in a career in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Even among those who do go on to pursue a college major in these fields, only about half choose to work in a related career. The United States is falling behind internationally, ranking 29th in math and 22nd in science among industrialized nations. What’s more, a recent survey revealed that only 29% of Americans rated this country’s K-12 education in STEM subjects as above average or the best in the world.” 

  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics is exactly what Seaside plans to focus on within the range of curriculum offered in our honor societies. Involving yourself or your child in these programs would not only be a solution for the lack expertise in these fields but it would weave together useful and life changing knowledge with a great cause. 


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