Seaside is working on multiple honors societies in collaboration with many regional and national partners.  Our first and most expansive is scheduled to launch Spring of 2018. Participants will have a chance to be a part of something great that will AFFECT them immeasurably on their journey through learning and life in a positive and existential way. 


  • These societies will include students from elementary, middle, and high school as well as students on the college level.

  •  Our Honor Societies provide recognition to students pursuing achievement in education, and encourages civic engagement, leadership, skill development, solutions, and community involvement.  

Why join an Honors Society?

  1. Provide opportunities to motivate all students to reach their greatest potential in school and in life.

  2. Allows you to meet other dedicated students who likely share your academic goals.

  3. By attending networking events held by honor societies, leaders and employers will instantly recognize that you are a dedicated student.

  4. Having a program on your resume is extremely valuable for years to come

  5. It opens the doors for new opportunities such as scholarships, awards, recognition and entrance into professional societies


"Honor Societies provide opportunities for belonging as well as for developing maturity and independence."
Ferrari, Joseph R.; Athey, Robert B.; Moriarty, Meghan O.; Appleby, Drew C. (2006). Education and Employment among Alumni Academic Honor Society Leaders. 

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