Join our volunteers of all ages to keep our seas clean and full of life


We host more than 60 interns at any given time throughout the year. Historically, our interns have hailed from over 20 different countries, speak more than 15 different native languages, and put in a combined total of 55,000 hard-working hours a year working on fascinating projects. All of our hard-working interns are professionally mentored and supervised by our diverse staff. At Seaside Sustainability, we truly love our interns and are thankful for all of their hard work that makes our organization a special place to work.


Seaside Sustainability's Teams


Market Research Weekly Work: Market Research is a critical skill used at Seaside Sustainability in order to grow our network of Green Scholars and Green Consulting in schools across the nation. Interns at Seaside work collectively (with their counterparts at NSTEM) to compile a database of educators who focus on bettering the environment. When you are researching these educators, you are literally selecting the people who will be changing the lives of their students by taking part in our programs. To ensure we stay updated, all interns spend a maximum of 2 hours per week to research and store this influential and game-changing information. This process is imperative to Seaside’s mission of bringing actionable change to the classroom and aiding those who take part in our program. All interns will gain valuable experience in research, data extraction techniques, and spreadsheets as they play a key role in expanding the size and scale of our organization. As Interns join Seaside’s leadership, they take on increasing responsibilities and are not required to do weekly information collection.

Virtual Internships

Seaside Sustainability has a history of hiring local and virtual interns, which allows people from all over the world who share a passion for protecting the environment to work with us. We hire virtual interns from across the United States, and internationally from countries such as China, India, Egypt, the Netherlands, Ecuador, and Mexico, and more. We strive to create diverse teams and partnerships of interns for our initiatives whenever possible. 


Collaboration is constant as interns team up to work on projects. Additionally, interns set their work schedule, and collaborate with others via phone calls, video chats, and other GSuite platforms. Our internship also utilizes project management tools such as Trello to virtually assign and track work. These platforms enable interns to learn more from each other's ideas as they come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and interests.  

Local interns may have opportunities to be involved in field projects depending on availability and COVID-regulations.

College Majors Suited

Those that find success and enjoyment in an intern role with Seaside Sustainability include those with majors, minors, and/or interests in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Liberal Studies, Writing, Journalism, Education (especially non-traditional, non-classroom), Environmental or Marine Studies (wide spectrum), Adventure Education, Outdoor Leadership, Human Resources, IT, or Digital Communication & Multimedia, though all majors and interests are welcome and encouraged to apply!

Academic Credit and Service Hours Fulfillment

We at Seaside work alongside colleges, universities, and schools to provide students with the resources and opportunities to meet any program requirements for accredited internship requirements and service hours. We will assist interns in creating learning goals that align with the internship duties and provide written documentation of work performed, recommendations, and evaluations for students. All interns looking to receive credit will still be expected to meet Seaside Sustainability’s internship requirements.

Seaside Sustainability is now certified to give out the “President’s Volunteer Service Award” to eligible interns. This award is a great achievement to include on resumes and applications and was created to “recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. It honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.” Eligible Seaside Sustainability interns interested in receiving a President’s Volunteer Service Award should get in touch with their supervisors over the course of their internship.

What are the requirements?

  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident

  • All hours must be completed within a 12-month period to be counted towards the final total

  • All hours must be tracked in Seaside’s weekly shift report to be counted


In the age bracket of young adults (16-25 years old) the following hours qualify for the award:

  • Bronze Level: 100 - 174 hours

  • Silver Level: 175 - 249 hours

  • Gold Level: 250 + hours

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for part-time interns in high school, college, and beyond to work a minimum of 15 hours a week for a minimum of 5 months. We offer 2.5 or 5-month extensions for exceptional interns with the opportunity to be promoted to management for suited interns. Our interns engage in focused learning experiences where they receive guidance and resources to apply knowledge and skills to their emerging professional lives. We are accepting applications for these unpaid internships, with flexible hours available any day of the week and practically any time of day: weekdays, weekends, and evenings included. Our interns all work virtually, however, interns local to the Gloucester, MA area may have opportunities for in-person activities. 

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