Advancement, Development, & Fundraising


This team is split into two projects:

Project 1: Advancement

Searching for team players who are interested in gaining experience fundraising and attracting donors for Seaside!


  1. Donor Relations: This team focuses on aiding in projects that attract new donors. Their role is to find new ways to cultivate and steward relationships with donors through creating social media campaigns to bring in funds, performing prospect research on individual donors, cultivating donor stewardship for current donors, and reaching out to prospective major donors in order to secure new donors to help support our programs and mission.

  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): With the significant amount of past and future donations Seaside has received, we need an effective way to keep track of this information. All Advancement interns will be expected to dedicate a small portion of their shifts to entering data in HubSpot. CRM experience is an invaluable skill and will make a huge positive impact on Seaside moving forward.

Skills Needed

  • Willingness to learn about fundraising and other facets of advancement

  • Written communication skills - should be able to write letters/emails, edit & proofread

  • Leadership and assertiveness to recognize prospective donors and be persuasive while communicating with them

  • Creativity to brainstorm new ideas how to create relationships with donors and prospective donors

  • Flexibility! Sometimes projects do not turn out the way they are planned. A development intern must be willing to change approaches as projects progress

Desired Experience

  • Interns do not need to have past fundraising experience

  • Any fundraising, sales, HubSpot, or donor outreach experience is a plus

Project 2: Events

Seaside Sustainability is full of forward-thinking individuals who all share the same desire to see a clean, sustainable Earth. To engage with our ever-growing community,  Seaside regularly hosts in-person and virtual events meant to increase environmental awareness and participation in our efforts to promote sustainability through education and action. This team is responsible for planning events such as beach clean-ups, panel conversations, public arts projects, online auctions and networking events. Especially now, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need a group of motivated interns who are willing to coordinate such events to enhance the Seaside experience and keep the community actively engaged in our mission!

Skills Needed

  • Creativity to brainstorm event ideas to engage with sustainability driven people!

  • Ability to work with and support others (internally and externally of our organization) in implementing these events

  • Strong organizational skills and a keen eye for detail

  • Resilience and adaptability to overcome challenges while planning and executing an event

Desired Experience

  • Interns do not need to have past event planning experience

  • Any previous experience with event planning and fundraising is a plus


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