Entrepreneurial & Business Projects

The business team’s main responsibilities are to draft strategic and business plans, project plans, and organizational policies.

We work to collect and document information on all things Seaside by liaising with Board Members, Fellows, Project Managers, and Interns.

Likewise, we aid other teams by summarizing their work progress, examining how they are meeting their goals, and providing insight where applicable.

Current projects: 

  • Business Plan

  • Annual report

  • Creating job descriptions for Seaside roles

Skills needed:

  • Strong writing skills

  • An interest and/or background in business or economics

  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization

  • Basic research skills to be used to collect information about prospect donors and best practices for drafting organizational documents

  • Writing, copying and editing for the purpose of drafting internal and external documents

  • Self management skills to handle tasks with minimal supervision

Desired Experience:

  • Business, economic or management experience

  • Leadership skills

  • An entrepreneurial spirit


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