Green Consulting


The Green Consulting Team’s primary goal is to provide consulting guidance to schools throughout the country. With a range of seven different categories of sustainability, the team works on the creation of training materials for future interns to become highly knowledgeable in their topic. There are three different teams including logistics, outreach and school consulting interns.

Skills needed to be on the team:

  • Team player

  • Independent worker

  • Good communication skills

  • Professional written and verbal skills

  • Self starter

Experience or Interest In

  • Environmental/sustainability education

  • Business

  • Outreach

  • Project management/development

  • Experience in schools (bonus)

  • Experience consulting (bonus)



The logistics subteam deals with the contracts, intern hours and budgeting for the team.

Skills Needed

  • Organization, detail oriented & budgeting

  • Administrative experience


This subteam helps connect schools to the program itself and assists the school in performing the self-evaluation.

Skills Needed

  • Confident in communicating through phone & email, clearly spoken, persistence

  • Experience in sales, retail and customer service

School Consulting Intern

The school consulting intern subteam will continually improve training materials. There will be one lead intern per sustainability topic. These interns will be thoroughly trained to have extensive knowledge on a primary sustainability topic and they will consult schools in that area of expertise.

Skills Needed

  • Public speaking, communication, research

  • Experienced in consulting and sustainability


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