Human Resources


The Human Resource team is responsible for the organization, performance, and the culture of our internship program. They also create strategies to recruit and retain a skilled and diverse group of interns and help current interns develop their professional skills. HR will communicate with applicants throughout the application, interview, and onboarding process. They help create an optimal work environment at Seaside by improving intern wellness and maintaining communication with current interns. Additionally, the team will be providing administrative support such as storing intern paperwork, confidential information, and connecting interns with project teams. At Seaside, the Human Resource team is split into three divisions, each led by a project manager.

Preferred Qualifications for HR Interns:

Interns should be comfortable with basic administrative skills (G Suite, email) and possess excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. We are looking for individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills. All HR Interns must also be able to work independently and in a team.


Applications and External Communications:

  • Recruit potential interns and review applications

  • Conduct initial interviews with applicants

  • Collaborate with Management Fellows closely to fill open positions with talented candidates

  • Handle administrative tasks for the onboarding process

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to objectively evaluate candidates on their skills and experience

  • Highly organized and process-oriented

  • Conducting interviews (not required but recommended)

Internal Communications and Well-Being:

  • Produce weekly internal newsletters for current interns using Mailerlite

  • Improve work culture and engage with current interns to enhance performance

  • Work with Management Fellows to conduct additional check-ins with interns and assist Fellows with offboarding tasks for leaving interns

  • Conduct welcome orientations call with new interns and connect interns to their respective teams, personal fellows, and additional projects

Skills Needed:

  • Good problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Eager to interact with other teams and fellows

  • Experience with Mailerlite (not required)

Diversity and Professional Development Training:

  • Update policies and guides if necessary

  • Develop a diverse, accessible, and inclusive workplace

  • Conduct research on cultural holidays, awareness dates, and diversity in sustainability

  • Collaborate with different teams to plan and host training sessions and workshops on topics relating to unconscious bias, privilege, professional development

Skills Needed:

  • Research and presentation skills

  • Passion for bringing diversity to the field of sustainability

  • Comfortable with cross-functional collaboration

  • Experience in recruiting diverse talent

  • Knowledge of cultural competency

Human Resource Project Managers

Each PM leads one division within a team. They work closely with the HR fellow to assign tasks to their divisional interns in weekly meetings.

Skills Needed:

  • Have previous leadership experience and know how to lead a team (Not Required)

  • Must be organized, reliable, and possess strong communication skills

Human Resource Fellow

The HR Fellow works closely with the intern directors and other fellows to discuss updates relating to organizational change. The fellow will then meet with the PMs to coordinate these tasks to the general interns. They will also perform the general fellow tasks.

Skills Needed:

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Commit longer working hours at Seaside

  • Ability to adapt to change and delegate tasks effectively

  • Open to feedback


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