Legislation & Advocacy


The Legislation team at Seaside leads environmental initiatives and advocates for environmental regulations that help protect the oceans and marine life. The legislation team at Seaside is engaged with local communities in various ways to bring sustainable change through legislation. Building off our success passing local single-use plastic bans, we have published a how-to guide for community groups to pass similar legislation in their own communities. Some of our ongoing projects include organizing grassroots lobbying campaigns and engaging in direct lobbying for extended producer responsibility legislation in Massachusetts, collecting and recycling marine shrink wrap in the city of Gloucester, bringing marine and reef-safe sunscreen to Massachusetts beaches and informing the public on the environmental effects of PPE and PFAS contamination in our waterways.


Plastic Ban Team

Seaside has successfully implemented a number of local single use plastic bans. This guide aims to provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement a successful plastic ban within communities around the United States. EPR bill.

Sunscreen Team

The Sunscreen Guide seeks to educate about the harmful effects of chemicals in sunscreen on the marine environment and educate about safe sunscreen alternatives. Additionally, it aims to provide information on how a community could pass legislation banning the use of sunscreens containing harmful chemicals. Partnership with Raw Elements.

Marina Shrink Wrap Recycling

This project aims to create recycling options for shrink wrap that is used on boats when they are stored away for the winter. THe team is currently researching existing recycling programs throughout New England and meeting with various marinas and organizations to collaborate on this task. Expanding the program.


PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a group of chemical compounds found in many household and industrial products.The PFAS team is working to investigate how federal, state, and local legislatures are handling this emerging issue, and contacting environmental organizations to establish partnerships. Co Sponsoring bills.

PPE Pollution

This project aims to educate about the plastic pollution and harm to marine life caused by single use PPE from the pandemic. Video, infographics and other educational content.

Skills Needed:

  • Ability to research and understand complex policy issues

  • Professional writing and verbal communication for outreach and education efforts

  • Strong interpersonal skills for relationship building and stakeholder and community engagement

  • Project development

  • Ability to take initiation on projects

  • Strong team player

  • Critical thinking


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