Marine Science and Education

This team has two separate projects

Field Projects and Science Outreach:

This team identifies and develops new field- and at-home projects and attends free environmental conferences and webinars

*MS&E applicants must submit a supplemental scientific writing sample before hiring (only submit if the original writing sample was not scientific/research based)

Skills Needed:

  • Applicants should demonstrate general scientific literacy

  • Demonstrated ability to perform literature reviews and extensive research into a wide range of topics

Desired Experience:

  • Strong research experience or experience creating at-home educational projects

  • Applicants should either be STEM majors or should have some previous scientific research, field work, or other relevant experience demonstrating skills which the team is in need of

  • Experience using citations necessary (APA preferred)

Seabin Marketing and Sales:

Seaside Sustainability is the exclusive retailer of Seabin, an innovative marine debris and oil waste intervention product, for the New England and New York region.

Interns will contact potential buyers via phone and email, pitch the Seabin and the work we’re doing to potential sponsors to help with reducing the cost for buyers

Skills needed:

  • Professional communication, writing, and interpersonal skills and a business mindset

  • Applicants interested in grant writing, business planning, and the behind the scenes work which goes into organizing a large scale grant effort on behalf of Seaside and the Seabin Team.

Desired Experience:

  • A sales background 

  • An outgoing personality

  • A willingness to professionally communicate with potential customers.


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