Marine Science and Education

Our team works to protect our waters and coastal environments through a variety of projects which can be done both in the field and at home!

Field Projects and Science Outreach: Historically, we have run field trips and volunteer days in the Gloucester area performing a series of field projects including plastic and invasive mitigation, sea level rise data collection, and others, however, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted

so we can get people involved at home. As a member of this team, you will:

● continue to identify and develop new field- and at-home projects

● attend free, environmental conferences and webinars each month to build your own network and contribute to our marketing content in the form of blog and social media posts

● Skills needed: research, writing, project development, creative thinking

Seabin Marketing and Sales: Seaside Sustainability is the exclusive retailer of Seabin, an innovative marine debris and oil waste intervention product, for the New England and New York region. These Seabins make direct contributions to cleaning the harbors and marinas they are located in. As a member of this team you will:

● Do prospect research to identify potential clients including marinas, towns, and individuals

● Contact potential buyers via phone and email

● Pitch the Seabin and the work we’re doing to potential sponsors to help with reducing the cost for buyers

● Skills needed: professional communication, writing, and

interpersonal skills and a business mindset. Sales experience


Compostables and Monofilament Tubes: These two projects focus on determining the rate of biodegradation of compostable material in the marine environment and reducing the amount of monofilament line (fishing line) that end up in our waterways, respectively. On this team you will:

● Reach out to companies to secure compostable product samples to be tested

● Build partnerships with marinas to distribute PVC collection


● Perform additional research to expand the scope of each of these projects!

● Skills needed: Research and professional communication skills


Join our volunteers of all ages to keep our seas clean and full of life