Programming and IT

Tech Team: We are looking for Innovators, problem solvers and tech geeks to join Seaside Sustainability’s Tech team. On this team you will:

● Troubleshoot issues and serve as the front line for tech support issues such as logins and will aid with GSuite apps for our global users.

● Create helpful learning materials like tutorials and documentation.

● Support new staff and interns as they are onboarded.

● Skills needed: customer service, tech support, Salesforce, G Suite, communication, digital marketing, change management, and user experience such as web design.

Sustainability Calculator: Seaside Sustainability is in the process of creating a web app that measures an individual’s impact on the environment. As a member of this team you will:

● Research and study the relationship between human behavior and environmental health, for the purpose of building a comprehensive map of how people use resources over long periods of time.

● Get a chance to design and build web pages in wix, and write code in Javascript.

● Skills needed: Research and writing, interest in the intersection of human actions and environmental impact. Web design and coding are a major plus.


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