Intern Responsibilities

Seaside Sustainability's internship program is hands-down one of the best in the nation, which is why we have more than 50 interns at any given point throughout the year. Our dedicated interns hail from 20 different countries, speak more than 15 different native languages, and put in a combined total of 10,000 hard-working hours a year working on fascinating projects. Our interns do lots of meaningful work that allows them to gain invaluable experience and encourages members of the community to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. All of our hard-working interns are professionally mentored and supervised by our diverse staff! At Seaside Sustainability, we truly love our interns and are thankful for all of their hard work that has made our internship program one of the best in the country! 

Here are some areas our interns work in:

Writing and Communications

Websites, Marketing, PR, Social Media & Videos

Project Management

Marine Sciences and Education

Non-Profit Management, Entrepreneurial & Business Projects


Public Art Projects

Educational & Consulting Program Development

Programming & IT


Grant Writing - Use persuasive ways that appeal to funding organizations in order to assist our team in writing over $300K annual grants applications for various programs and projects. No grant writing experience is necessary.

Grant Evaluation - Research, evaluate, and contact grantees for our fast-growing grant list that aids our grant writing efforts.  

Business & Strategic Plans - Help craft both critical business plans and strategic plans to chart our path forward in order to strategize funding and project development.

Policies - Help draft multiple organizational policies and procedures. No legal experience is necessary. 

Writing and Communications


Join a dedicated team that works tirelessly to protect our local waters through hands-on mitigation, fieldwork, and data collection in collaboration with many organizations. Participate in local citizen science efforts such as:

  • Water quality testing

  • Marine debris trawls

  • Mudflat acidification testing

  • Invasive species mitigation efforts


Team members can also be involved remotely by developing a protocol, reporting, assisting in data entry, and researching new and current projects, partners, and strategies for our initiatives.


To learn more, visit the Marine Sciences and Education page.

Marine Sciences and Education


Public Art Project

Drain smART - Working with local schools, Seaside interns promote environmental stewardship by providing local schools with supplies to paint storm drains; bringing attention to their connection with the sea. 

Goby - Through a collaboration with interns, schools, organizations, sponsors, and volunteers, the goal of this project is to create several fish, or other sea creatures, out of metal that can be filled with plastic and displayed in public areas. These pieces will bring awareness to the ever-increasing amount of plastic in our oceans while also providing a place to dispose of it. 


Websites, Marketing, PR, Social Media and Videos


  • Design - Using both Wix and Wordpress platforms, join our interns in developing one of many sites under creation or in conceptual phases.

  • Educational Web Pages - Interns research climate change’s effects locally, regionally, and nationally. Using this information, our interns create many site pages including those on how to live more sustainably, how climate justice can be achieved, and other pages to educate people on taking their sustainable practices and efforts into their own hands. 

Social Media - Assist our efforts in creating a stronger, more meaningful, and engaging social media presence both locally and nationally for two fast-growing projects.

Videography & Video Creation - Create engaging videos for our teams to be used for organization marketing, instructions, interviews, project, and program promotion, and fundraising. 


Newsletters - Use our MailChimp platforms, media, and artistic abilities in crafting fun, interesting, professional, and engaging newsletters for our growing followers. 

Communications & Press Releases - As our programs build, we have more and more to offer for our local and regional news outlets. Therefore, we need you to communicate with the press in order to let them what Seaside is doing. 


Non-Profit Management, Entrepreneurial and Business Projects

Events - Help spread the word of sustainability and environmental practices at local events by designing information tables and booths. Additionally, interns will market Seaside to local organizations in order to help us build partnerships and raise funds for projects. Planning and hosting local and engaging events for Seaside is also something that our interns partake in. 

Administrative Management - Onboard, maintain, and discharge interns. Collaborate with interns, action team and board members on project delegation and management. Design streamlined and efficient ways to run Seaside and its divisions. Create introductory material to train new interns. 

Development - Closely linked to fundraising, interns working on development will reach out to individual donors and engage with them in order to persuade them to donate to our excellent and important cause.

Fundraising - As a major push in the organization, we need help creating funding streams that bring in significant funds in order to run current programs and also to create more robust ones for our future. 

Accounting - Interns will work with our bookkeeper and accountants to update and analyze data, run reports, input information, and reconcile statements in QuickBooks.


Field Trips - Create authentic experiences for school and college groups to engage with the ocean in our marine debris and citizen science programs 

Project-Based Learning Curriculum Development - Interns will research, write, and design resource packages and projects for a project-based learning curriculum in sustainability and leadership called Green Scholars. This curriculum has trained hundreds already and will be developed into a national program.

Green School Consulting - Join in developing a wide array of tools, strategies, and a website platform for many educational clients to create more sustainable schools and facilities.

Educational and Consulting Program Development


Seaside Sustainability’s rapid growth is requiring the organization to look for enthusiastic students who wish to take their passion for the environment to the next level. To promote this, Seaside will provide Project Managers with a professionally guided internship that assists with intern management strategies and supports their aspirations for career development. Being a Project Manager is truly a win-win-win situation: the environment benefits, interns benefit, and project managers gain invaluable experience.

We are actively seeking to recruit college students, graduate students, or those with leadership experience to fulfill the role of a project manager. Interns at Seaside Sustainability may be promoted to the position of a project manager by exemplifying the characteristics of a model intern. 

Project Management


Interns will utilize technology that has already been created and examine the strengths and weaknesses of designs of the ocean floating sea bins, skimmers, and mobile trash collectors.We are currently working on a few very interesting projects in order to pick up trash found in the water. We are looking for people to help us develop them and then bring them to market. This is an exciting opportunity and we are just getting started! Come and join the team!



Information Technology Management - Assist our IT Coordinator in evaluating and instituting programs, troubleshooting problems, managing storage, users and their accounts, and keeping computer processes working seamlessly. 

Programming - Use your creativity and programming skills in order to build apps and assist in writing code for website development. 

Data Entry - With several projects running simultaneously, our team always has data to input and crunch, as well as web scraping activities to run. We are looking for interns to help us out with these projects.

Apps - Develop an app for one of a few projects in the works. 

Programming and IT


Bans - Work with Seaside members and local communities to draft ordinances and bylaws for single-use plastic bans. Seaside has already written and proposed a variety of bans across the North East and is currently in the process of passing more. Work closely with local school groups and other groups from communities to properly propel written bans forward.

Canvassing - Promote and gather support for plastic bans from local community members, and businesses that might be affected by a plastics ban. This involves gathering signatures and letters of support to show the city or town council. You will also work with members of the social media team to promote current bans in-process and spread awareness to surrounding communities. 

Public Relations - Make sure local businesses and community members are considered for all plastics bans by reaching out to them and getting their feedback, questions, and concerns. Also stay in contact with members of the community government (mayor, town council, etc) to make sure everyone is informed and onboard.

Single-Use Plastics Ordinances and Bylaws

Business Development - Interns play a key role in helping 1% for the Oceans bloom into a successful nonprofit from the ground up. In order to do so, our team has been collaborating to create a comprehensive business plan. The business plan is intended to cover every aspect of how 1% for the Oceans will operate, such as financial strategy and marketing schemes.


Website Development - The 1% for the Oceans website will directly influence the first impression that patrons have of our company. To ensure that our first impression is a good one, interns are working to develop an aesthetically pleasing and accessible user interface using the Wix website builder. 

Social Media - Once trademarks are finalized, interns will be responsible for creating and scheduling daily social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 1% for the Oceans organizes and schedules posts with Hootsuite.

1% For the Oceans


Research compostable, reusable, and other eco-friendly, certified products that can be used in place of plastic ones. Provide cost analysis and other statistics that are useful to businesses and educational to community members.

Sustainability Calculator: Research and assist in creating a comprehensive carbon footprint calculator. Interns devote a period of time researching and studying the patterns of energy use and impact (carbon emissions and energy wasted); building a comprehensive map of how people use resources over longer time periods. 


Additional Work

Occasionally, Seaside will need local interns to volunteer at events outside of regular office hours. While these events are not mandatory, interns are strongly encouraged to volunteer for at least one event over the course of their internship.

Seaside may also request that interns work on a project outside of their area of interest. While this is rare and tries to be avoided, interns will be expected to provide their support.


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