Why intern with Seaside Sustainability? 

Our programs and initiatives encourage members of the community, young and old, to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. Join Seaside Sustainability for any season, or during breaks in your school schedule, to explore a myriad of internship opportunities, relevant to almost any future interest.  

Seaside will provide opportunities for practice and refinement of many skills inherent to an internship position, including how to:

  • Engage in a work environment (both in and out of the office) and present oneself professionally

  • Write professionally and research effectively

  • Navigate career-based decision making 

  • Practice self-direction, self-sufficiency & critical thinking

  • Verbal communication skills in face-to-face and phone meetings

  • Hands-on experience in a fast paced start-up setting with constantly changing tasks

Virtual Interns

Seaside supports online internships from all over the world. Experience Seaside's environment and make an impact online.

Seaside strives for flexibility, and therefore, interns will be able to structure their schedule around individual or school/work program needs.


Supervision will be provided by our organization's directors who are professionals with educational backgrounds and expertise in their fields. We will provide interns with constructive feedback & guidance to refine interns' knowledge & skill base as well as goals and accomplishments.

Are you a good fit for Seaside Sustainability?

At Seaside Sustainability, we work on a wide array of local, regional, and national programs and initiatives, which create real-world problem-solving opportunities that are interesting, diverse, and stimulating! Our environment is incredibly fast-paced and interns are able to experience this first hand. Our interns are never bored because they're always given REAL and MEANINGFUL work.


All internships allow personal engagement with hands-on and exploratory work, which makes Seaside unique from other internships. Interns are encouraged to be creative and to think critically about the initiatives we explore. All contributions are valued and utilized in Seaside's decision-making process. Through this, interns are able to feel that they are making an immediate impact on the organization.

"This has been a great learning experience, and I have gained so much useful knowledge and experience from this internship." 

-Anu Bedi, Intern

"The span of Seaside can accommodate for its interns alone is impressive and makes the opportunity applicable to just about anyone. However, it is the relationships made, the energy and enthusiasm from the team, and the important work done that will make me tell anyone to give it a shot.

— Molly Jones, Intern


We at Seaside work alongside colleges, universities and schools to provide students with the resources and opportunities to meet any program requirements for accredited internship requirements and service hours. We will assist interns in creating learning goals that align with the internship duties and provide written documentation of work performed, recommendations, and evaluations for students. 





Students that will find success and enjoyment in an intern role with Seaside Sustainability include those with majors, minors, and/or interests in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Liberal Studies, Writing, Journalism, Education (especially non-traditional, non-classroom), Environmental Studies (wide spectrum), Adventure Education, Outdoor Leadership, or Digital Communication & Multimedia, though all majors and interests are welcome and encouraged to apply!   


Seaside Sustainability has a history of hiring local and virtual interns, which allows people from all over the world to work with us. We hire virtual interns from across the United States, and internationally from countries such as China, the Philippines, Egypt, the Netherlands, Ecuador, and Mexico, and more. We strive to create diverse teams and partnerships with ALL interns on initiatives whenever possible. Collaboration is constant within the physical office as interns team up to work on projects. Additionally, interns set their work schedule, so collaboration between local and virtual interns via phone calls, video chats, and other platforms is both possible and encouraged when schedules allow. This enables interns to learn more from each other's ideas as they come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and interests. We have had over 300 interns from all over the country and have accredited internships with over 900 colleges and universities.  


Local interns will be asked to help out with projects in the field. Tasks could include emptying our Seabin, data collection, or other field work. Every local intern will get this experience, even if your main focus lies on other projects, as we believe this will strengthen your understanding of sustainability. If you would like to focus even more on field work, we will be glad to provide you with more tasks in our science division!  However, we will not allow interns to ONLY work in the Marine Sciences Division.  


"Seaside Sustainability's internship program is hands-down one of the best in the nation, which is why we have more than 50 interns at any given point throughout the year. Our dedicated interns hail from 20 different countries, speak more than 15 different native languages, and put in a combined total of 10,000 hard-working hours a year working on fascinating projects. Our interns do lots of meaningful work that allows them to gain invaluable experience and encourages members of the community to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. All of our hard-working interns are professionally mentored and supervised by our diverse staff! At Seaside Sustainability, we truly love our interns and are thankful for all of their hard work that has made our internship program one of the best in the country!"

- Eli Kurlander, Intern

What will you do?

Interns will not be limited to just one role; we encourage each intern to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles & responsibilities.  

Check out the widely diverse opportunities we offer here!


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