Our programs and initiatives encourage members of the community young and old to build and nurture a relationship with local land and seascapes. Join Seaside Sustainability for any season, or during breaks in your school schedule, to explore myriad internship opportunities, relevant to almost any future interest.  

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead

My mentor provided me with structured leadership development in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.
— Intern Kevin Hines

is seaside a good fit for you?  

We are looking for part-time interns in high school, college, and beyond to work 10-20 hours a week on a diverse and challenging array of projects and initiatives. Our interns engage in focused learning experiences where they receive guidance and resources to apply knowledge and skills to their emerging professional lives. We are accepting applications for unpaid internships, with hours available any day of the week and practically any time of day: weekdays, weekends, and evenings included. We prefer to have our local interns work in person at the office in Rockport, but we also invite interns from all over the world to apply to work remotely as we greatly value a broad range of perspectives and ideas. 

Additionally, STARTING FALL 2018 we are accepting applications from local and remote high school students who will have the opportunity to work with us during the school year INCLUDING WEEKEND HOURS. Our remote interns can work throughout the entirety of the week, and hours at the office for local students will be available on weekdays and Saturdays, between 9AM-5PM. 


Interested in joining our passionate & dedicated entrepreneurial team? 

**Please Note: Summer 2018 positions are full, but applications for Fall, Spring, or Summer 2019 positions are still being accepted!  

 Donated Office Space--We are incredibly lucky to have this incredible office space provided to us by Mike Beaton and Remax at the Coast.  Located in Rockport,  MA, this office makes it possible for us to house our internship program, with interns coming and going throughout the week, weekends included!

Donated Office Space--We are incredibly lucky to have this incredible office space provided to us by Mike Beaton and Remax at the Coast.  Located in Rockport,  MA, this office makes it possible for us to house our internship program, with interns coming and going throughout the week, weekends included!


Interns will work in our office at 45 Broadway Rockport, MA. (The office is a different location than our permanent mailing address, PO Box 131 Gloucester, MA 01931.) 

Academic Credit & Service Hours Fulfillment

We at Seaside work alongside colleges, universities and schools to provide students with the resources and opportunities to meet any program requirements for accredited internship requirements and service hours. We will assist interns in creating learning goals that align with the internship duties and provide written documentation of work performed, recommendations, and evaluations for students.  

The span of majors Seaside can accommodate for its interns alone is impressive and makes the opportunity applicable to just about anyone. However, it is the relationships made, the energy and enthusiasm from the team, and the important work done that will make me tell anyone to give it a shot.
— Intern Molly Jones

College Majors Suited

Students that will find success and enjoyment in an intern role with Seaside Sustainability include those with majors, minors, and/or interests in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Liberal Studies, Writing, Journalism, Education (especially non-traditional, non-classroom), Environmental Studies (wide spectrum), Adventure Education, Outdoor Leadership, or Digital Communication & Multimedia, though all majors and interests are welcome and encouraged to apply!   

are you a good fit for seaside?

Many of Seaside's initiatives are in the start-up phase, while others have been in progress for a while. We work on a wide array of local, regional, and national programs and initiatives, which create real world entrepreneurial problem-solving opportunities that are interesting, diverse, and stimulating!  The start-up environment is incredibly fast-paced and interns are able to experience this first hand. Our interns are never bored because they’re given REAL and MEANINGFUL work. All internships allow personal engagement with hands-on and exploratory work, which makes Seaside unique from other internships. Interns are encouraged to be creative and to think critically about the initiatives we explore and all contributions are valued and utilized in Seaside's decision making. Through this interns are able to feel that they are making an immediate impact on the company.  

Local and Remote Internships

Seaside Sustainability has a history of hiring local and remote interns, which allows people from all over the world to work with us. We hire remote interns from across the United States, and internationally from countries such as China, the Philippines, Egypt, the Netherlands, Ecuador, and Mexico. We strive to create diverse teams and partnerships with local and remote interns on initiatives whenever possible. Collaboration is constant within the physical office as interns almost always team up to work on projects. Additionally, interns set their work schedule, so collaboration between local and remote interns via phone calls, video chats, and other platforms is both possible and encouraged when schedules allow. This enables interns to learn more from each other's ideas as they come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and interests. 

Interns will not be limited to just one role; we encourage each intern to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles & responsibilities.  

Adventure Education

For people who want to plan and execute local outdoor adventure programs. The focus of this task is planning the activities, locations, and structure of outdoor ed programs. Finding leaders to carry out the program, and advertising the trip to the local population are the main tasks after the program has been planned. Programs Seaside is planning include canoeing, rock climbing, and yoga.

Events and fundraising

Help spread the word of sustainability and environmental practices at local events by designing information tables and booths. Market Seaside to local organizations in order to help us build partnerships and raise funds for projects. You can also plan and host local and engaging events for Seaside such as boat tours of the Gloucester harbor.

Website design

The consulting programs we will create need websites that are separate from the Seaside Sustainability site in order to make use easier for companies seeking consulting. A background in computer science is helpful but not needed for this task.

Marine Sciences

Participate in local citizen science efforts such as water quality testing, marine debris trawls, mudflat acidification testing, and invasive species mitigation efforts. Construct containers for recycling monofilament fishing line and cigarette butts. This task is focused on involving local people in scientific research on Cape Ann and working with local and national organizations in these research efforts.

Green Scholars

Build and design tools to be used by students across the country in sustainability projects. Research, write, and design resource packages for a project based learning curriculum in sustainability and leadership. This curriculum will be developed into a national program and interns will have a large part in its development.

Grant writing

Help projects of Seaside receive funding by expanding your knowledge through describing the projects in a convincing and persuasive way that appeals to funding organizations.  


Climate Justice

Research climate change effects on Cape Ann and how climate justice can be done here. Research and create a comprehensive carbon calculator for local people and organizations. Consult with schools to make their behaviors more sustainable. Help design materials and tools to give to schools in order for them to take their sustainable practices and efforts into their own hands.

Local bans

In January 2019, the city of Gloucester will have single use plastic items banned. Seaside partnered with many local organizations in order to complete this projects. This effort will expand into other cities on Cape Ann in order to create more sustainable cities and towns. These efforts will develop activities around minimizing waste and plastic usage.


Seaside is a growing organization with local and national initiatives. As our national initiatives grow and participation increases, interns will manage the marketing campaigns for these initiatives.

It was a unique summer internship that ended up being more amazing than I could’ve ever anticipated. I would definitely recommend to any friend interested in environmental science, nonprofits, or research.”
— Intern EJ Kelly


objectives & Skills Learned

Depending on specific internship interests and individual learning goals, interns will be exposed to a wide range of experiences and opportunities throughout their internship with Seaside Sustainability.

1.    Seaside will provide opportunities for practice and refinement of many skills inherent to an internship position, including how to:

  • engage in a work environment (both in and out of the office) and present oneself professionally
  • write professionally and research effectively
  • navigate career-based decision making 
  • practice self-direction, self-sufficiency & critical thinking
  • verbal communication skills in face-to-face and phone meetings
  • hands-on experience in a fast paced start-up setting with constantly changing tasks

2.    Seaside will provide work that is authentic, intrinsically meaningful, relevant and pertinent that prepares interns to enter—and succeed in—the workforce, including opportunities to:

  • practice project & team management
  • participate in consultations, meetings & conferences
  • shadow industry & community leaders
  • participate in strategic decision making
  • network with local businesses and community members 

3.   Work will be available throughout the period of the internship such that Seaside interns will be able to structure their schedule around individual or school/work program needs.


4.   Supervision will be provided by our organization's directors who are professionals with educational backgrounds and expertise in their fields.



5.  Formative evaluation will be practiced throughout the experience; feedback is an essential component to any team dynamic, and interns will practice not only receiving, but also how to give constructive feedback. We will provide interns with constructive feedback & guidance to refine interns' knowledge & skill base as well as goals & accomplishments.






Here at Seaside, we try to teach our interns the skills and attributes like illustrated in the article to the right. Why not add to your characteristics by gaining or strengthening some of your entrepreneurial skills? 

8 Entrepreneurial Skills To Teach Your Children [Infographic] | Daily Infographic

We all wish the best for our children and want them to do well. But how can we really raise our kids for success? As a parent, you can foster certain skills and help your kids lead fulfilling and successful lives. An entrepreneurial mindset is the key to a creative and abundant life for your children.

I am very glad I worked in the office. Not only do I think I would’ve been less productive remotely, but I believe there is great value to working in the same proximity with your peers.”
— Intern EJ Kelly
The guidance from Eric was perfect. A lot of time I was left to my own devices to work on something, but everyone was always available to check in or answer questions.”
— Intern Josh Sheridan
The field work I participated in and the grants I wrote made me positive that I wanted to pursue a career in conservation biology and sustainability.”
— Intern Jack Gilbert