Local Sustainability Initiatives

Seaside Sustainability has teamed up with Gloucester’s Clean City Commission and other local partners to develop and collaborate on local environmental projects.  Through these initiatives, Seaside Sustainability’s aim is to provide our partner organizations & schools, as well as educators & students, with educational resources as these projects as they develop so they may initiate involvement and inspire change in our local coastal communities.  

Gloucester single-use-Bag & Polystyrene Ordinance

Seaside Sustainability has teamed up with Gloucester’s Clean City Commission, under the leadership of City Councilors Melissa Cox & Sean Nolan, to propose a ban in Gloucester on all single use plastic bags and polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers (like coffee cups and takeout food containers). This initiative is imperative in maintaining the beauty and health of our coastal city’s land & marine spaces.  Considering the availability of biodegradable and reusable alternatives, as well as the economic benefits of the proposed ordinance, through this partnership we will work to educate the citizens of Gloucester in order to accomplish this goal collaboratively. 

Is your business affected by the proposed PLASTIC BAG & polystyrene bans?  

Have your thoughts heard via this brief survey regarding the potential negative impact on local business owners.

Storm Drain Art

In collaboration with Gloucester Clean City Commission, and partners One Ocean One Love & Salem Sound Coastwatch, Seaside Sustainability presents Drain smARTan initiative to raise awareness about the link between storm drains and the ocean’s health. Street drains carry waste water, along with anything on the nearby ground, directly into the ocean.  This pollution, including harmful chemicals, oil, cigarette butts, plastic bags and many other forms of trash, are then swept, unfiltered, directly into the sea. This project will get the community involved by inviting local artists and creatives of all ages to design ocean themed murals that will be painted on drains around Gloucester.  These artistic displays will draw attention to this issue and inspire passersby to think twice before carelessly polluting our local harbors and oceans.  This initiative is proudly funded by  New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, NOAA Marine Debris Program, and The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. 

Clean Harbor Initiative

The Cape Ann Marine Partnership joins together the NOAA Marine Debris Program, the US Coast Guard, Maritime Gloucester, Gloucester's Clean City Commission, and One Ocean One Love under Seaside Sustainability's fiscal sponsorship through an initiative to eradicate marine pollution. These organizations, which strive to promote marine health and sustainability awareness, are fundraising to install two different prototype designs in Gloucester Harbor which will actively gather floating marine debris year-round. Data will be collected on the types and origins of collected debris which will be used to provide new mitigation strategies and to educate the public on the impact our trash is having on our local marine environment.

Gloucester Clean City Commission

The Clean City Commission consists of local city of Gloucester members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. These committed and passionate individuals serve to keep the city of Gloucester beautiful by organizing and directing volunteer efforts, working with all city departments, and keeping the Mayor and appropriate city departments informed of the maintenance and beautification needs of public property.  In particular, the GCCC has initiated numerous sustainability initiatives to fulfill their community beautification roles.  

Keep up with GCCC on Facebook at Clean Gloucester or on the City of Gloucester website.

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