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Protecting our coastal waterways through education and action


Making a difference comes from changing how people think. Our education program focuses on getting students out of the classroom and into the environment so they can see, first-hand, how our decisions impact the world we live in. 

We have several opportunities that get students so close to science they can touch it!

Field Trips

Invasive Species

What We Do

We take action through educational opportunities to help shape the minds of our youth in hopes for a sustainable and clean future.

We Take Action

Our programs within the Marine Science and Technology are designed to give hands-on opportunities to get your hands, and waders,  dirty so our marine life can thrive in it's natural environment.

Coastal Cleanups

Rising tides bring unwanted litter to our beaches so about 10 times during the year we give our coast a much needed clean-up.

Gulf of Maine MDAP

The Marine Debris Acion Plan (MDAP) aims to reduce the impacts of marine debris in the Gulf of Maine by increasing understanding of the problem, taking preventative actions, and collaborating with diverse partners on solutions. 

Marine Debris Trawls

Individuals at Seaside Sustainability have been trained in proper trawling procedures so we can offer trainings to organize trawls to gather microplastic data.

Chebacco Lake Restoration

Seaside Sustainability is excited to be spearheading the Chebacco Lake Coalition working towards the restoration of Chebacco Lake and the surrounding watershed.

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