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Seaside Sustainability's mission is to preserve and protect the world's oceans, seas, wetlands, and estuaries by motivating citizens to evaluate the critical issues facing the water environment, educating the public on best practices for sustainability, and providing guidance for taking effective action.


Among our most important areas of focus are the elimination of consumer plastics and the creation of educational programs for students of all ages. By partnering with diverse stakeholders, including educational institutions, environmental groups, and other organizations across the public and private sectors, Seaside Sustainability is committed to building an informed citizenry to address the sustainability of water-based ecosystems in communities around the world.

Our work provides project-based learning, meaningful internships for students, and volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. 


Our unique internship program engages hundreds of high school and college students around the world in meaningful hands-on study, giving them training to become the future leaders in the stewardship of our planet.

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SEA - Sustainability, Education, Action

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