Casting out a line and reeling in a fish can be fun.

Probably not for the fish, of course.

It becomes even worse for aquatic lives -- fish and birds and mammals and others, after that line snaps or gets discarded and drifts off to the ocean.

That one thin line is capable of much more than just securing your catch of the day -- Such as messing up the marine ecosystem and causing tragic deaths of unfortunate animals that happen to pass by.

Many fishing lines are made from monofilament or plastic.


These synthetic fiber material can last in the environment for centuries and leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

What Can They Do, Exactly?

Wildlife can get entangled, which can hinder movement, cause deformation, or simply strangle them. They might also eat the drifting lines, and get choked or tangled in the process.

These lines are not biodegradable, and will stay for a long time once tangled. This interferes with the ecosystem's functions, and makes the habitat a lethal trap for wildlife.

It is just not as simple as "out of sight, out of mind".

It is perfectly possible to have an unpleasant reunion with the line you your tangled boat engine.

To learn more about plastics and their effects on the environment


Watch National Geographic's "Plastics 101" video

What We Are Doing

Seaside Sustainability supports the discovery of the ocean, and strive to make recreational fishing a more sustainable activity.


We built small collection receptacles for fishing line and put them on piers and docks around Cape Ann. The collected lines are recycled and turned into other plastic products. (Here's how we do it: Piping Down on Pollution)

These come from the combined efforts of literally everyone -- animals included.

Please put them to good use by:

  • Recycling your fishing line

  • Picking up loose line or nets

  • Using biodegradable lines

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to become a

Marine Citizen Science Volunteer


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