SEA: Yacht Sailing

Come and join a crew on the Frayed Knot, a completely outfitted and seaworthy 50’ Beneteau sailing yacht, equipped with every possible comfort a sailboat can provide.  Under the guidance and expertise of Captain Claude Beaudet and first mate Fred Dodge, sailors will be provided a fun and safe experience, guided through a progressive curriculum that ensures participants are challenged while still having fun.  Captain Beaudet employs creative instruction techniques that are presented in an enjoyable, low key, non-competitive style that makes learning interactive and fun — parents and sailors alike will be amazed by how much they learn. 


What will we be doing?

Each day begins at 8:00 AM down at the Tuck’s Point dock in Manchester, MA.  After we spend the morning exploring on the water and training to become sailors, the crew will return to the Tuck’s Point dock at 12 noon.  Captain Beaudet employs hands-on learning techniques, providing skills and confidence in water safety, basic sailing and navigation terminology, as well as basic sailing skills including tending lines, rigging, knot tying, raising & lowering sails, chart reading & course plotting, learning nautical terms, taking the helm, anchoring, picking up a mooring, and man overboard procedures.  Participants will also enjoy snorkeling, swimming, a marine debris lesson, and more! 
At the end of the week, sailors will walk away with valuable knowledge and skills, as well as memories to last a lifetime!  

Yacht Description: Beaudet’s Phenomenal 2011 Beneteau Oceanis 50’ is modern and built with all the bells and whistles: full electronics, dual helm; 3 cabin model with 2 full heads, 3 state rooms with queen size bed!  A craft that would be awesome to enjoy!! 

Participants: the Vessel can accommodate up to 10 participants for the Program.

Participants will be proud to show off their “SEA-tificates of Completion


Participants will learn the following:

Safety, Navigation and Appropriate Conduct; Basic Sailing Terminology and Procedures; and Basic Vessel Handling and Control

Specific lessons will include:

  • Identify Types of Boats: sloop, catboat, schooner, cutter, yawl, ketch, etc.
  • Identify Sails: Mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker
  • Identify the parts of sail: luff, clew, foot, head, leach, tack, battens, etc.
  • Parts of the boat: bow, stern, port, starboard, deck, galley, head, soles, mast, boom, shrouds, halyard, traveler, etc.
  • Basic sailing terms and commands: luff, tack, ready about, trim sails, main sheet, halyard, irons, gybe, etc.
  • Winds and tides: 
    • What are they? 
    • How to see wind on the water and on your body. 
    • Flags, smoke, seagulls, etc. 
    • Reading tide charts
  • Basic navigation: 
    • Be familiar with various types of buoys and markers and their purpose. 
    • Knowledge of compass points. 
    • Demonste rate ability to read and utilize navigational charts
  • Basic right-of-way rules: 
    • Sailboat under sail has right-of-way over power boat
    • Working boat (lobster boat, coast guard, harbormaster) has right-of-way over sailboat
    • If on opposite tack, starboard tack has right-of-way
    • If on same tack, leeward (downwind) boat has right-of-way
  • Knots & line handling: Belay on a cleat, Coiling a line, Heaving a line/ring buoy, Figure eight, square knot, bowline, etc.
  • Understanding the sailing circle and trimming sails: 
    • Close hauled, sails trimmed tight, heading 30 degrees off the wind
    • Close reach
    • Beam reach, sailing 90 degrees off the winds trimmed
    • Broad reach
    • Running down wind, sails all the way out possibly wing-to-wing
    • Wind at your stern
  • Sailing & Boat safety:
    • Deck safety
    • Keeping lines organized and free of knots and kinks
    • Always on the lookout for other vessels, markings and debris
    • Man overboard drills
    • Sailing safety
    • Leaving & picking up the mooring: Verbal and non-verbal commands. Securing the boat to the mooring
  • Environmental Processes: Water quality testing, Marine debris trawl, & Snorkeling

Introducing your Captain & First Mate SEA Educators

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Claude's Evening Charters
for SEA Parents

Captain Claude invites you to join him on a FREE evening sail!  
This incredible opportunity is offered to parents/guardians of SEA participants and will be offered on a first come, first serve, basis as space is limited!