Seaside Sustainability collaborates with local, regional, and national partners to work on projects in the area of marine sciences. Most recently we have partnered with Salem sound Coast-watch to facilitate acidification testing of the Northshore Mudflats.

Mudflat Acidification Testing

Seaside Sustainability partners with Salem Sound Coastwatch measure the effects that CO2 has on the mudflats that surround the North Shore.  

SSCW Partner: Jack Nessen 

Locations: Annisquam River @ Gloucester High School, Conomo Point, Essex, and Tucks Point & Masconomo Park, Manchester 

About: Mudflat acidification occurs as a result of ocean acidification. Ocean acidification happens when carbon dioxide is absorbed into the water causing the pH and calcium carbonate levels to drop.


  • Lower calcium carbonate levels leading to decreased shell formation in shellfish
  • A decrease in marine food availability
  • Decrease in corals

Potential Ways to Reduce: 

  • Reduce man-made carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduce plastic usage
  • Educate others