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Seaside is the sponsor of Chapter 198 of Navigators USA on Cape Ann. This is an alternative to scouting with a mission to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors. It encourages people to get to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other, promoting a sense of community and sustainability.


We want to get the kids to participate in more outdoor activities while putting emphasis on green living, sustainability, and the environment. It is important that we are not only maintaining our inland ecosystems, but also respect our oceans by giving back to our community. We also look forward to having a fun-loving group of kids get together to engage in fun, educational activities while benefiting our environment.


Navigators USA was founded in 2003 by a group of volunteers who had previously led Boy Scout Troop 103 in East Harlem and was sponsored by All Souls Unitarian Church in which they helped serve children in need. The volunteers wanted to offer more choices within the scouting community, so they came up with the name and moral compass of Navigators USA, an all gender, secular, non-discriminatory scouting alternative. During the first 4 years, they wrote their curriculum and published their handbooks with the help of McGraw-Hill. They spend another 4 years watching their community slowly grow to 6 chapters. In 2011, they built their first website and Facebook page for more publicity and it helped! They grow at a steady pace of 2 new chapters a month with over 165 since Summer 2017. Navigators USA is committed to providing a quality scouting experience that is inclusive and available to all children and families. The Navigators Moral Compass demonstrates the founding group's dream of creating a scouting organization that meets the needs of youths, parents, guardians, and other adult caregivers.


Boy Scouts is making a move towards similar goals as Navigators USA.

Why Navigators USA?

Navigators USA was created to provide a scouting experience for children who either can’t or don’t want to join the existing scouting organization in their local community. Whatever the reason, be it the local leadership, national policies, curriculum issues, gender separation, there should be more than one option for children and parents when it comes to scouting. The Navigators USA is here to teach many of the same skills and values of traditional scouting while emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and group problem-solving. We urge you to review the material on the website, review our handbooks, and consider starting a Chapter in your community. When you start a Navigators Chapter you are not only helping the kids in your community, you are helping to bring needed choice and opportunity to others. Join us and become part of tomorrow.


To do my best to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance.

To treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect.

To strengthen my body and improve my mind to reach my full potential.

To protect our planet and preserve our freedom


Navigators USA is an all gender, secular scouting movement that welcomes all people- children and adults, no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief. We believe the greatest challenge for the future of our planet is to learn how to get along with people different than ourselves.


Our mission is to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other. By using unstructured play with curriculum, we promote interpersonal skills along with achievement.



Navigators USA offers all the material needed to get up and running, from “How to Start a Chapter” to Handbooks for all ages. Plus we have a Leader’s Resource Center with activities, trips and skills development that is updated regularly.  


The more you give the more you get.

-Navigators Slogan

Stay on course.

-Navigators Motto

Truthful, Respectful, Inclusive, Generous, Dependable, Resourceful, Cooperative.

-Navigators Traits

Paul Franklin

Paul is a founding leader of NavigatorsUSA Chapter 198, a past Cub Scout Leader and current Board Member of Rockport Friends of Scout Hall, Inc. Recognizing that there was a demand among families for a scouting organization separate from the traditional offerings, Paul began to research options for his own family and discovered NavigatorsUSA. Excited to focus on the sort of outdoor activities children join scouting to enjoy without the formality of uniforms and ceremony that traditional scouting programs are known for, Paul reached out to Seaside Sustainability to sponsor the organization, and it was a natural fit with Seaside’s mission.

Franklin applies his years as a youth scout, coupled with his experience as a leader to collaborate on entertaining, educational outdoor experiences with Seaside Sustainability and the active Parent in their NavigatorsUSA Chapter 198. Not comfortable with the term leader, Paul instead chooses to consider him and the rest of the adults guides – suggesting a shared journey, rather than a led one.

Paul F. Franklin grew-up in Rockport, MA where he now lives with his wife and three children. Paul is a board member of Seaside Sustainability and works as a Real Estate Agent with the Motif Realty Group – powered by eXp Realty in Rockport, MA.


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