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Explore Cape Ann

Every child should have the chance to truly lose themselves in reverie and experience their connection to the natural world we live amongst. Seaside’s Explore Cape Ann program is the solution. We believe that children are innately gifted explorers, inventors, creators and artists, and it is only through play and discovery that they are able to truly foster these intrinsic abilities. With this in mind, Seaside Sustainability has developed a super fun experiential learning program that gives kids the opportunity to be kids. During our journey to explore the natural land and seascapes of Cape Ann, we will foster learning through experiential education structure.

Ski and Board Program 2017 and 2018

In an exciting partnership with O'Maley schools of Gloucester, Gloucester Public Schools, Seaside Sustainability, Inc. have offered a Bradford Ski & Board Program in 2017 and 2018. Open to all O'Maley and Gloucester Public School students, participants will be provided transportation to and from Bradford Ski Area in Haverhill, MA.


Do you want a ski program at your school?  We will be partnering with additional schools for the '18-'19 ski season! Let us know!

SEA Marine Life Exploration

New England’s rich coastline is valuable to its people for many reasons, and should be protected and preserved for future generations. Because of this, Seaside Sustainability has set out to educate children on the importance of the ocean and marine ecosystem. We believe that one of the best ways to educate is to provide learners with experiential opportunities, the focus of SEA Program. This one-week program takes students along the water from Salem to Manchester, giving students the chance to use scientific instruments and learn more about the blue world around them. We discover the secrets of marine life through fishing, snorkeling, lobstering, and so much more. We also encourage students to interact with their fellow campers, explore their interests, and most of all, have fun!


Mount Pierce Hiking Trip

Join us for a hike in the presidential peaks. This day hike is an opportunity to get away from the hustle of our daily lives, with some time to enjoy the great outdoors. We will be hiking up Crawford Path, a trail for intermediate hikers, but NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED so bring all your friends!!! As this is a day hike, we will be bringing as little gear as possible.   Returning Trip Leaders Tome Durfee and Jen Greeke are excited to share some educational background on trail safety, leave no trace, water filtration, and much more.  

SEA Marine Life Exploration:
Manchester, MA

In this exciting hands-on program for youth, participants will get their feet wet, their hands dirty, and will find their minds reeling as they learn about the vital role the ocean plays in their daily lives. They will learn first-hand how the marine biology and ecology that we so often take for granted are interconnected with—and influenced by—human actions.  SEA's Marine Life Exploration is one of two ocean-based summer programs which offers a unique and exciting approach to exploring the marine ecosystems surrounding Manchester Harbor and beyond!


Gloucester O'Maley Environmental Club

Join this group of passionate students to make a difference in your own school, helping the community address climate change issues.   Inspired by the motto “Think Globally by Acting Locally”, team members will be challenged to choose initiatives that develop real life solutions.  We will have the opportunity to take local field trips to connect with local community leaders in the environmental movement or to explore the natural world around us [including hiking in the woods or exploring the nearby mudflats]. Come have tons of fun with friends while also making a difference in your school and community!


Intro To Backpacking

Join us on a backpacking expedition to the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway in N.H. While enjoying all the beauty of Mother Nature attendees will learn the basics of backpacking, fire building, shelter building, finding and treating water, and the concept of leaving no trace. In addition to the educational experience, this program will include a focus of team building, problem solving, and, of course, enjoying the great outdoors.

SEA Yacht Sailing:
Manchester, MA

Come and join us on the Frayed Knot, a gloriously outfitted 50’ Beneteau sailing yacht! Participants will even have the chance to take the helm of this massive vessel to practice their new yacht-sailing skills!!  After learning the ropes, new skippers will learn about their own roles in the relationship between humans and the natural marine environment by collecting and analyzing marine debris and water quality samples.  We’ll also get up close and personal with the marine environment when we snap on our masks and snorkels to explore the wonders of the underwater world!


SEA Summer 2016

SEA featured week-long programs for our local youth aged 8-13 which highlighted the importance of the ocean and the amazing opportunities for exploration and enjoyment that it offers! Through experiential learning, and engaging students directly with the ocean, participants were immersed into the marine environment to learn about its functions, and to identify threats and ongoing deterioration that are a direct effect of ongoing human negligence.  


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