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Plastic Ban Guide

With the understanding that no two communities are the same, these guidelines seek to provide a number of pointers and resources to help in understanding how to advocate for and achieve a plastic ban. We encourage people and communities to tailor the plans and resources included in this guide to fit the needs of their own community and its members. 


If you are interested in the complexities of implementing a successful disposable plastics ban, please download this document. This guide provides pointers and resources regarding the creation and advocacy for a plastic ban in local communities. 

To learn about the comprehensive single use plastic bans Seaside Sustainability has facilitated the implementation of in Rockport, Essex, and Gloucester, read through our legislative advocacy page here!

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Macroplastic Accumulation in Great Marsh, MA

Seaside Sustainability surveyed macroplastic pollution in Great Marsh, and was able to map multiple areas of heightened concern. The team marked areas in need of plastic removal, which allowed for a scheduled coastal cleanup between Seaside Sustainability and volunteer groups.  

If you are interested in conserving MA's Great Marsh or similar landscapes, please download this report to learn more about our strategic conservation efforts. With the help of our grading system, it provides an analysis of the need for remediation and clean-up of various areas across the Great Marsh. The grading system was developed to address the severity of potential obstacles faced at each clean-up location by considering the density of plastic debris, environmental hazards, and logistics of removal. This report can be used in future macroplastic removal efforts and research in the Great Marsh, as well as a blueprint for similar studies in other marshes.

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Comparing Macroplastic Distribution Using Drone Flights

Seaside Sustainability used drones, programmed to fly autonomously via DJI GISPro software, to take photographs of different areas of the Great Marsh near Agrilla Road and Pine Island. These photographs were utilized to create orthomosaics and surface models to depict the current amount of debris and potential macroplastic debris accumulation in the area.

If you are interested in seeing aerial perspectives of the impact of pollution over time, please download this document. These findings can help identify key areas that require clean-ups and opportunities for improving environmental laws and policies, while showcasing how technology can assist in analyzing and improving environmental conditions.

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Plastic Quizzes

"What's your plastic footprint" is a plastic consumption quiz made to help you understand how your everyday choices can be more sustainable in 5 essential categories: beverage, food, grocery, household, and personal care items. Scroll down to take one of our 2-minute "mini quizzes" focused on one category at a time!


Food Sustainability


Grocery Sustainability


Personal Hygiene Products


Household Sustainability


Beverage Sustainability



Taking initiative to preserve and protect the marine environment


Our Projects, Resources & Results

Seaside Sustainability works on many plastic related projects! We have a multitude of resources available to help others learn and take action. Complimentary downloads of our reports and informative sustainability quizzes are just a few of them.

For our digital downloads, click the "Download Now" button to receive an email link to download our free resources from our web-store.

For our sustainability quizzes, scroll down and click "Next" to get started!

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