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Words From Our Interns: How Seaside Sustainability Helps Young Activists Find Their Voice

Written by: Isabel Thornton


Seaside Sustainability is proud to announce that we are on the ballot for BankGloucester’s annual “Banking for the Community” program! Every year, people can vote for their favorite organizations to receive more funding. We need your help to continue making the world a more sustainable place and to promote our various projects and programs. Click here to vote, and read on to learn more about the ways in which Seaside Sustainability is working to build a brighter future!

Seaside Sustainability’s internship program is certainly one to boast about. It is heartwarming to see the growing number of interns who join our organization every year. They continuously use their voices to turn their dreams of a sustainable world into a reality, and the future seems promising with younger generations taking action for a change. 

Seaside Sustainability hires interns from all around the world, and collectively our interns put in up to 22,000 hours of hard work every year. Interns leave Seaside Sustainability knowing that they have made incredible strides towards sustainability, and many have gone on to build careers around their passion for activism and environmental change.

Macey Tiedgen recently finished her internship with Seaside Sustainability, and she had many kind, thoughtful words to say about the experience. “I have greatly enjoyed my time at Seaside,” she said. “I hope one day I am able to return.”

She even took the time to reflect upon everything she learned in her three months with Seaside Sustainability. In an email sent to Eric Magers, the director of Seaside Sustainability, Macey said “you have really built a special organization filled with warm and passionate people…. Everyone here works to make people feel welcome and everyone has this contagious positive energy with the projects they work on.” She said that the more effort and passion you put in as an intern at Seaside Sustainability, the more you will get out of it. There are endless amounts of projects to take on and opportunities for growth, no matter which field of study you are pursuing. 

Macey also gives high praise to the intern managers at Seaside Sustainability. Our professional staff members mentor each intern in order to help them learn and achieve the most from their experience. When reflecting on her time with her intern manager, Denise, Macey said “she never failed to be honest with me, and I always felt comfortable telling her everything that was going on with my internship. I could always tell she really cared about the work she was doing and about her interns — she really helped to make this the top-notch experience it was for me.” 

Macey is a wonderful example of what interns can achieve during their time with Seaside Sustainability! Though she, and many others, have expressed their gratitude for our organization, the board members of Seaside Sustainability are even more grateful for their growing list of interns. They truly love their interns and are thankful for all of their hard work. By coming together to promote a sustainable world, their efforts have made Seaside Sustainability’s internship program one of the best in the country!


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