Get students out of the classroom and up close to science they can touch


An important part of Seaside’s mission is to educate through action. We believe in the power of community engagement and project-based learning opportunities. 

Our science education programming focuses on: compostables in the marine environment; invasive species mitigation; mudflat acidification prevention; macroplastics mapping; fish ladder Maintenance; marine debris trawls; measuring microplastics in the sand; and sea level rise.


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Monofilament Tubes (Retired)

Invasive Species on the North Shore (Retired)

Reclaiming the Sea from Marine Debris (RSMD) (Retired)

Tracking Changes in
River Herring Populations

Reclaiming the Sea from Marine Debris (RSMD)

MassWrack (Virtual)

The Floating Forest Kelp Project (Virtual)

Compostables in the Marine Environment (Retired)