SEA: Yacht Sailing

Seaside Education Adventure (SEA) incorporates marine ecology themes into hands-on investigations designed to expose local youth to the short and long term effects of a variety of ocean threats.  These boat-based inquiries take participants out onto the water to explore topics in oceanography, marine stewardship and ecosystem balance.  

SEA 2017 is looking for Leaders In Training

SEA 2017 is looking for Leaders In Training


  • make a positive contribution to the community
  • exercise compassion through providing service to others
  • build relationships by serving as role models and leaders


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Come and join our crew on the Frayed Knot, a completely outfitted and seaworthy 50’ Beneteau sailing yacht, equipped with every possible comfort a sailboat can provide.  Under the guidance and expertise of Captain Claude Beaudet and first mate Fred Dodge, sailors-in-training will embark upon a marine adventure that is both interactive and fun — parents and sailors alike will be amazed by how much they learn. 


What will we be doing?

Each day begins at 8:00 AM down at the Tuck’s Point dock in Manchester, MA.  After we spend the morning exploring on the water and training to become sailors, the crew will return to the Tuck’s Point dock at 12 noon.  While on the water, we'll dive into various yacht sailing skills & procedures, and each participant will have their chance to take the helm of this immense 50 ft vessel!!  Participants will also enjoy snorkeling, swimming, exploring and learning about all the life that exists below the ocean's surface! 
At the end of the week, yacht sailors will walk away with valuable knowledge and skills, as well as memories to last a lifetime!  

Yacht Description: Beaudet’s Phenomenal 2011 Beneteau Oceanis 50’ is modern and built with all the bells and whistles: full electronics, dual helm, 3 cabin model with 2 full heads, and   3 state rooms with queen size beds!  A craft that will surely be awesome to enjoy!! 

Participants: Frayed Knot can accommodate up to 10 participants, so sign up now to snag a spot for this unique marine adventure!


Upon completion of the week on Frayed Knot,
participants will be proud to wear their SEA t-shirt and
to show off their SEA-tificates of Completion


SEA: Yacht Sailing Topics Include:

  • Basic Sailing Skills, Terms & Commands:

    • Identify Types and Parts of Boats & Sails
    • Knots & line handling
    • Leaving & Picking Up the Mooring
    • Understanding the Sailing Circle &
      Trimming Sails
  • Navigation & Boat safety:

    • Basic navigation
    • Basic right-of-way rules
    • Winds and tides
  • Marine Science & Environmental Processes: 

    • Water quality testing
    • Marine debris trawls
    • Flora, fauna & species identification


Some specific investigations will include:

  • Safety, Sailing & Navigation:

Practice sailing safety, including ‘staying on the lookout’ and man overboard procedures.  Become familiar with various types of buoys, markers and their purposes; enhance our knowledge of compass points and reading & utilizing navigational charts; Explore questions like: Which vessels have right-of-way, and in which situations?  What roles do winds & tides play in sailing?

  • Marine Debris Trawls & Micro Plastics: 

We’ll test samples of water by deploying long trawling nets pulled from the boat.  Using our collected samples, we’ll be able to measure the presence of micro plastics and discuss their land-based origins and devastating impacts.

  • Water Quality Sampling & Global Climate Change: 

By testing the sea water at different depths we’ll discover information about the ocean including acidification levels & marsh/ocean salinity and learn about the implications of potential ecological effects such as ocean warming trends.

  • Snorkel Exploration of Tidal Zone
    Flora and Fauna:  

Underwater we will be able to see and touch the flora and fauna that compose the tidal ecosystems.  We’ll discuss structure and function, invasive species & impacts and the sensitivity of these ecosystems to negative human influences.  We’ll make observations that speak to the interconnected nature of ecosystems, threats to their health, how to protect them, and how to preserve their unique resilience.  

Captain Claude at the helm

Captain Claude at the helm

Introducing your Captain & First Mate SEA Educators

Claude Beaudet: Captain Claude has been sailing for over 35 years and has a Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard. Additionally, is an Assistant Harbormaster in Manchester-by-the-Sea, he has taught sailing & seamanship, as well as delivered boats & sailed the water from the coast of Nova Scotia and Maine down to Bermuda and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Claude is currently a retired school teacher, he operates the Frayed Knot Sailing Charter business during the summer months and wishes to share his experience and knowledge of the sea with everyone.

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Fred Dodge: First Mate Fred is a lifelong sailor and avid rower, and has a Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard. Fred is currently a teacher at Landmark school, where he has also taught sailing and seamanship. Fred has been the First Mate aboard the vessel "When and If” and enjoys sharing his love of the sea. 


Claude's Evening Charters
for SEA Parents

Captain Claude invites you to join him on a FREE evening sail!  
This incredible opportunity is offered to parents/guardians of SEA participants and will be offered on a first come, first serve, basis as space is limited!