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In an exciting partnership with Gloucester Public Schools, Seaside Sustainability, Inc. is offering the second annual Bradford Ski & Board Program.

As of 12/3/19 Lessons are no longer available. 

Who Can Participate?

  • Open to all Gloucester Public School students

  • Please contact Eric Magers ( if interested in offering a program at your school (as each bus must have at least 35 participants and can only service up to two schools)

What Can You Expect?

  • Transportation to and from Bradford Ski Area in Haverhill

  • 13 trails and an expansive state-of-the-art terrain park with lots of jumps, rails and boxes

  • Food and snack up for purchase at ski lounge (we encourage students to pack their own though)

  • Equipment rental  available through Bradford or referral to local venders

When and How Much?

  • Six consecutive Mondays starting on January 7th

  • Meeting dates: January 6, 13, 27 and February 3, 10, 24

  • The bus will leave from O'Maley School at 2:45, and return to O'Maley school by 7:15 PM

  • Price: $310 (lift ticket only) or $390 (lift ticket and lesson)

  • Payment can be made by check or credit card

Enjoy all that the winter has to offer!

Jump on your skis or snowboard for an afternoon of fun and friends!

More About the Ski & Board Program 

In an exciting partnership with the Gloucester Public Schools, Seaside Sustainability, Inc. (a charitable organization committed to providing adventure-based experiential education) is offering a new Bradford Ski & Board Program.  Bradford offers 13 trails and an expansive state-of-the-art terrain park with lots jumps, rails and boxes!


Open to all students from those three schools, participants will be provided transportation to and from Bradford Ski Area in Haverhill. The program will meet for six consecutive Mondays this winter, starting on January 6th. The bus will leave after school and return to each school between 7-7:30 PM (this information will be communicated to each school) Students are encouraged to bring their own food/snacks, or they may purchase supper or snacks at the ski lodge before boarding the bus to return home. Meeting dates are scheduled for January 6, 13, 27 and February 3, 10, 24. If any days are missed because of school closure, they will be added on to the end. The cost per student for six Monday afternoons of skiing or snowboarding is $310 (lift ticket only) or $390 (lift ticket and lesson).  


Payment may be made by check or credit card. Equipment rental is also available but not suggested at the mountain.


Registration is rolling and will be open until we reach program capacity, but at a minimum we must have at least 35 participants. Parents/guardians who are interested in attending as a “monitor” (or assistant) will be able to ski for free during the program, but they MUST commit to all six weeks.  We are also looking for any parent interested in driving equipment for the six trips in exchange for them and their child to ski or ride for free. Additionally, interested high school students can also serve as “monitors” in exchange for required community service hours (and free mountain access).  For questions please contact Tracy-Lynn Lowthers .


Payment Information:

  • Registration for participants interested in taking lessons will end on November 29th.  Registration for participants not taking lessons will be open until the program reaches capacity.  

  • Registration will not be complete without payment. Fees are due at the time of registration.  

  • As per the policies of the Bradford Ski Area and Seaside Sustainability, Inc., once a participant has registered and Bradford has been paid, in most cases it will not be possible to provide a refund.


Payment Types:

  • If paying by credit card, online registration and payment can be completed here

  • If paying by check, make it payable to “Seaside Sustainability, Inc.” In addition, please complete and return required documents (included in this packet: pgs. 6-8). You can register online and pay by check too.  Check and completed materials can be either turned into the main office, or mailed directly to Seaside Sustainability, Inc., PO Box 131, Gloucester, MA 01931


More Program Info:

  • Lessons: Participants that are signed up for lessons must take them. It is the participant’s responsibility to show up for the lesson; chaperones and monitors will assist students, but ultimately it is the participant’s responsibility to get to the lesson on time. If participants are not signed up for lessons by the November 29th deadline, they will not be available.

  • Emergencies & Medical Attention: Bradford’s ski patrol is professionally trained, and fully equipped to handle any potential emergencies or medical issues in order to keep participants safe.

  • Medications: If your child requires medications to be administered during these outings, it will be the sole responsibility of the child to self-administer.  

  • Clothing: Please contact the Director if you need to discuss gear and clothing.  If possible, please pack extra warm socks, ski gloves or mittens, warm hat or helmet, and goggles.

  • Equipment and Drop-Off: Your child’s equipment must be dropped off at the school before the close of school so that the group’s departure is not delayed. Please note that ski and snowboard equipment is not allowed to travel on the morning bus with your child!  In addition, to prevent loss of participant gear during travel, it is important that skis and poles be fastened together.  

  • Important Times: The bus leaves each school between 2:15-2:45 and returns from Bradford between 7-7:30 PM (each school will have specific times they will relay to participants).  It is important that participants are picked up promptly upon return to school. When it’s time to depart from Bradford, participants must meet inside the lodge by 6 PM.  After we gather in the lodge, we will return to the bus as a group, load all gear, and depart at 6:15.

  • Cancellation and Make-up Days: Cancellation of school is out of our control, and will result in the cancellation of ski and board club.  We will do our best to schedule make up days, but cannot make any guarantees, as the safety of our staff and participants will always be our primary concern.

  • Lift Passes: Every participant is provided a lift pass in the lodge upon arrival (which allows them access for all six Mondays), which will be distributed before and re-collected after each session.  Lost passes are $10 to replace.

  • Gear Loading and Unloading: Chaperones, participants and monitors will load and unload all skis and boards but it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure their gear gets to the bus!  If the bus is being used for gear, skis and boards go to the back of the bus, while all the other personal gear goes onto the bus with your child.

  • Skier/Boarder Responsibility Code Quiz: On the first day of the program, participants are provided the Skier/Boarder Responsibility Code and they are given a quiz to ensure they are able to conduct themselves safely while on the hill.  Chaperones and monitors will review the quiz and work with participants that get a 70% or lower to ensure they can be safe riders at all times.  

  • Packing List: To ensure your child does not forget to pack anything, we suggest parents write a list for students.  This should include what to pack, how to conduct themselves among the group, and what to be aware of in the lodge or while on the hill.  Often this list is laminated and attached to the outside of the child’s equipment bag. Participants are responsible for their own equipment; chaperones are not responsible for lost or stolen equipment!   

  • Bags & Homework: Having too many bags on the bus is problematic; we encourage participants to leave their school bags at school (we have arranged for kids to be able to leave personal items safely behind).  These items will be able to be picked up upon return to school. Homework can be completed on the ride to the mountain; unfortunately, on the return trip bright lights from flashlights and mobile phones are a distraction to the driver and cannot be permitted.  

  • Changing Clothes: Some participants prefer to dress in their gear at school before boarding the bus, and may use school bathrooms, but must ensure timely boarding onto the bus so as not to delay departure.  There are also bathrooms available for changing at the lodge.

  • What to expect when we get to the ski area:

    • Participants must bring all their gear from the bus to the lodge, leaving boards, skis and poles outside on the racks.   Although theft at the lodge is uncommon, it happens. Please consider separating skis or using a lock outside the lodge.

    • If renting equipment, a chaperone or monitor will be available to help participants retrieve their gear.

    • The lodge is quite busy, with dozens of school groups using the same limited space.  Items are very easily lost and misplaced; PLEASE urge your child to return everything to his/her bag.  There are lockers available inside the lodge.

    • All participants meet in an area inside the lodge that is designated for GPS participants.  Once participants are dressed and ready to go, they can get their passes from chaperones. They are then allowed to ski and board until the 6 PM meet time in the lodge.  For those taking lessons, they will be given a specific time that they will be expected to report to the lesson meeting area (a chaperone can assist with lesson location if necessary).  

    • Participants must be inside the lodge by 6 PM with a departure time of 6:15.

  • Rentals: Bradford Ski Area has a full service rental facility.  There is an additional $160 charge for equipment rental.  Those renting equipment at Bradford must fill out additional paperwork and there is a $200.00 credit card number deposit required for snowboard rentals.  Helmet rental for skiers/snowboarders is available for an additional $60.00.  We highly recommend obtaining seasonal rentals elsewhere as equipment rented from Bradford for this program will only be able to be used for the 6 afternoons of this program.  (To obtain season rentals, please check Sport Stop, 67 Main St, Wenham 978.468.4488.)

    • Bradford Ski Area does not rent boots or skis separately or adjust or work on any equipment other than their own

    • If a skier or snowboarder needs to rent for one day only, it is at the prevailing rate for skis/snowboards.

    • We strongly suggest that parents check height, weight (fully clothed) for skiers and verify shoe size before completing the rental form. For students renting helmets please measure their head for proper size.

    • Participants are responsible for the helmets, skis, poles, boots and / or snowboards assigned to them. At the end of the day each week the equipment must be returned to the shop. There will be a $15.00 charge for rental equipment not returned, which must be paid prior to the next week’s program.


    • Participants will be given the same size rental equipment each week. If the student feels that any of the equipment is not sized properly, they should notify the rental shop immediately.

    • Participants can rent helmets for the entire 6 week period. They must return on the final day of program.



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