Job Title


Advancement, Development, and Fundraising Advisor

The Development Advisor works with a team of interns to bring money into Seaside through fundraising, individual and corporate donor relationships, sponsorships, and establishing corporate relationships with other similar organizations. You will focus on supporting interns to create and aid in projects that attract new donors through social media campaigns, finding new ways to create revenue through Seaside Sustainability’s online store, performing prospect research on individual donors, and cultivating donor stewardship for current donors. Planning and hosting development events requires creativity and initiative to follow through on ideas, and the ability to work with and support others in implementing them.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Willingness to learn about fundraising and other facets of advancement. Written communication skills - should be able to write letters/emails, edit & proofread. Leadership and assertiveness to recognize prospective donors and be persuasive while communicating with them. Creativity to brainstorm new ideas on how to create relationships with donors and prospective donors. Flexibility! Sometimes projects do not turn out the way they are planned. A development intern must be willing to change approaches as projects progress.

DESIRED EXPERIENCE: Interns do not need to have past fundraising experience. Any fundraising, sales, HubSpot, or donor outreach experience is a plus.