Job Title


Green Consulting Advisor

Seaside is looking for Consulting Advisors to help direct our Green Consulting Team. We have worked to create sustainable schools and communities through the implementation of two programs.

1) The comprehensive Self-Evaluation Framework analyzes different aspects in schools to reduce environmental impact and improve overall wellness -- this approach requires understanding client responses to the evaluation survey and composing a summary report that offers recommendations for initiative components.

2) The consultation services provides a package of relevant resources to clients, assists them in cultivating a community around sustainability, developing a client-specific strategic plan that outlines procedures for sustainability-oriented decision-making, and evaluating client’s ROI potentials.

Additionally, our project management curriculum called Green Scholars gives our school clientele the opportunity to include project-based learning curriculum into their school. In each of these approaches, students are in the forefront of research, development, and implementation of initiative-driven action steps, creating a culture of sustainability in their schools. In this position, you will oversee a team of interns in the development of, introduction to, and guidance over each of these programs for our clients. Successful Advisors will have professional verbal and written communication, superior editing skills, project management experience, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills, client identification and outreach skills, and strong relationship building abilities.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Team player, independent worker, good communication, professional written and verbal skills, self starter.

DESIRED EXPERIENCE: Environmental/sustainability education, business, project management/development, experience in schools and consulting (bonus).