Internship Advisor

We are looking for an Internship Advisor to help lead and manage our internship program. The Internship Advisor is responsible for managing all elements of the internship program, including overseeing the recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding processes. The Internship Advisor will work closely with our Executive Director, Intern Director, Management Fellows, and Human Resources team. The goal of this position is to ensure smooth transitions between internship cohorts, to devise and implement streamlined processes and procedures that aid in the daily management of the program, and help advise Management Fellows in the management of their teams.

SKILLS REQUIRED: The Internship Advisor should have excellent organizational skills and an ability to prioritize multiple projects. They should be able to work in a collaborative and dynamic environment, and be a big-picture thinker with an attention to detail. They must have strong communication skills and feel comfortable engaging with a seasoned board of directors, as well as inexperienced student interns, and anyone in between. The Internship Advisor should know when to step up and take a more directive role, and when to sit back and offer support and guidance, as they must work with people from many different backgrounds.

DESIRED EXPERIENCE: Experience in managing large teams or as an educator. Experience with program development and evaluation, particularly in response to feedback.