Job Title


Legislation & Advocacy Advisor

The Legislation Advisor oversees a small team of interns in the development of short-term and long-term projects focused on lobbying for municipal and state environmental policies, participating in coalitions, and writing guides for distribution among grassroots groups around the country to inform their own legislative efforts. Other responsibilities include communicating with local stakeholders, legislative and executive bodies and other advocacy groups to coordinate legislative efforts and form partnerships to expand Seaside Sustainability’s network. Managing multiple projects under the legislation team requires high levels of communication between management and working groups to maintain scope and focus, as well as strong organizational skills to keep all projects on schedule and maintain reasonable workloads for interns.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Ability to research and understand complex policy issues. Professional writing and verbal communication for outreach and education efforts. Strong interpersonal skills for relationship building and stakeholder and community engagement. Project development. Ability to take initiation on projects. Strong team player. Critical thinking.