Alison Daley

Events & Advancement Advisor

Alison has been focusing on painting for the past six or seven years, primarily using oil, pastels, and some acrylics. Her favorite subject matter animals, pets, landscapes, and wherever her imagination takes her.
Proudly born and raised in NJ, but is delighted to call Manchester, MA her home of sixteen years. She loves Cape Ann! She thrives on others' positive energy and is happiest when she is surrounded by her family.
While on a 2019 safari trip to Kenya, and a little sightseeing along some of the eastern coastline - the truth of micro-plastic pollution literally stared them in the face, as it clung all over, what used to be, a beautiful rocky coast. It was at that point that her husband and she realized what a terrible disservice they were doing to our planet and all living things. So they vowed to stop buying water in plastic bottles and they continue making adjustments to their plastic and paper product use, as they discover new sustainable means/products to replace them with.