Dalcione "Del" Reis

Web & Tech Advisor

An educator turned technology consultant, Dalcione “Del” considers herself a geek who embraces learning, problem solving, and technology. She is a proponent of authentic learning, modernizing traditional methods, and having fun along the way. Before transitioning to technology consulting with Accenture, she launched a Girls Who Code Club for students in grades 6 through 8, and created a speaker series to spotlight women in STEM. Dalcione earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from UMASS Boston and a master’s degree in education technology from Marygrove College. Del officially joined the Board of Directors in 2020 but has been a Seaside supporter and technology volunteer since 2017. In 2015 Del and her husband designed and built a tiny house on wheels to promote tiny living and the not-so-tiny positive impacts on the environment and mental health. She also enjoys sharing her experiences with tiny living, zero waste products, and living a more sustainable lifestyle.