“This was 'the best program ever' - the kids loved it and I felt super safe dropping them off at the boat! Next year can we do a bit longer?”  ~Mary Hart

“Great program, great team. Happy to work with them at Manchester Parks & Recreation. Keep making amazing summer memories for our children!”  
— Heather DePriest 

“These guys are great!   My daughter and her friends did the ski program this year and loved it!  I wish we had programs like this.”  

~David Marletta

“Seaside Sustainability runs amazing programs. All the hard work this organization puts into making the programs the best they can be for the participants has definitely paid off. This year’s Ski and Board Bradford program was so much fun for all its participants. Can't wait to see what some of the other programs have in store!!”  ~Cori Krajewski


“As a longtime partner of the folks at Seaside Sustainability, I can safely say that they are some of the most thoughtful, passionate and fun educators out there! If you want your children to have a blast on the water this summer, check these guys out!”  
— Jack Nessen


“The seaside sustainability day program was the perfect fit for my kid. He came home super excited about his adventures and excited about sharing what he saw and learned at the dinner table....He absolutely loves Eric."   ~Parent of a SEA Participant

“I’ve seen how hard the team at Seaside Sustainability works to program educational and fun activities for local kids, like the SEA Program. The kids who participated in SEA were always so excited to talk about what they did when they got off the boat, and it was great to see them learning about the environment that they live in while also using what they had learned outside of the program.”
— ~Jackie Rose
“[I loved] being with friends in a small group - everyone was nice.”   ~ 8-year-old participant

“I've referred students to Seaside because of the experiential learning and skill development that takes place. Participants gain a broader understanding of the most pressing environmental issues while having fun and collaborating with peers on a common goal.”

~Beverly Low


The spark for learning that he feels might be the best take away from this experience, but what was unexpected is what seems to be a new self-confidence. The collaborative nature of the projects along with shared mission to make a difference has upped [my son's] social skills and developed a sense of purpose that I think will help him through his schooling.”   ~ A Satisfied Parent 


“I learned more about the ocean and how much fun it is to be doing things on it like lobstering and hunting for crabs.”

~11-year-old participant

“Seaside Sustainability is the perfect place for your child to connect with the community and the natural environment in meaningful ways. Eric Magers is an expert at developing intentional programming that is engaging, focused on learning, and most importantly fun. Each invaluable experience is one that you will not want your child to miss!”  

~ Renee Rutter

camping 2.jpeg

"The educators at Seaside Sustainability work wonders! They can turn a tide-pool into an interactive classroom or a tent site into a 5-star hotel. If you want to have really fun, educating experiences in nature, these are the folks to talk to!"  ~ Sheila Parisian

“It was Will's favorite program of the summer!”

~ A Happy Mom

 Beach Cleanup Salem Sound Spring 2015

Beach Cleanup Salem Sound Spring 2015

Environmental literacy is about practices, activities, and feelings grounded in familiarity and sound knowledge. Just as reading becomes second nature to those who are literate, interpreting and acting for the environment ideally would become second nature to the environmentally literate citizen.”
— David Orr, Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College

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