Seaside Sustainability Virtual Art Auction:

A Quick Guide

Thank you for considering participating in Seaside Sustainability’s first virtual art auction! This auction will be occurring over our auction Instagram account, @artauction4ourocean, from July 20, 2020 to August 3, 2020. Please read this guide if you are interested in selling or purchasing pieces. If you have any additional questions that arise throughout the application process or the auction itself, please feel free to reach out to us at

1. How to Participate as an Artisan

What to submit:

You may submit any handcrafted art! Here are some examples of types of pieces to submit:

  • Jewelry

  • Home decor

  • Paintings/drawings/sculptures/photos/cards

  • Furniture

  • Household items such as bowls, utensils, vases

  • Household Tools

  • Clothing


When to submit:

You may submit art pieces between Monday, June 29, 2020 and Friday, July 17, 2020.

How to submit:

  1. First, please fill out the Artisan Agreement. This agreement can be found here or in the bio section of our auction Instagram. Please download this form to your computer to complete by looking to the upper lefthand corner of the document’s menu bar and clicking file,  download, and then whichever format you prefer. This agreement will allow you to set a price for your piece(s) or note that you choose to donate your piece(s). The price you set for each piece will be the amount you receive for that piece if it sells in the auction. Any additional proceeds raised through bidding will be donated to Seaside Sustainability. This agreement also allows you to add a title and describe your piece(s). We ask that you please make sure to provide the medium and measurements of each piece. 

  2. Secondly, please take and label photographs of your piece(s). You must submit at least one picture of each piece you plan to sell. You may submit up to ten images of each item. These will be the images that we will post to the public for the auction. We offer two ways that you may choose from to submit these photos:

    • Send your photos as an email attachment. If you want to send many photos and the file is too large to send in just one email, you may send multiple emails. Just be sure to note this in the subject line. Also be sure to label the photos with the name of your piece.

    • Create a Google Drive folder and upload your photos. Please name your Google Drive folder “[Your name], Seaside Auction”. Ensure the sharing services are set to “Anyone with this link can view.” Within the folder, make sure each piece is clearly labeled with the same title it is given on the Artisan Agreement. If you have a Google account and are familiar with Google Drive, we prefer that you submit your photos this way.

  3. Additionally, you may fill out an optional Artisan Biography Form. This form can be found here or in the bio section of our auction Instagram. Similar to the Artisan Agreement, please download this form to your computer to complete by clicking file,  download, and then whichever format you prefer. Your Artisan Biography will include a simple description of yourself and your career in the visual arts field, your social media account/website, and an optional headshot photograph. If you choose to submit the photographs of your pieces in a Google Drive folder, you may submit your headshot through that drive as well. Otherwise, just include the photograph as an attachment in your submission email. We will publish the material from your Artisan Biography on our Instagram page. This is a great way to gain exposure and inform the community about yourself and the wonderful work you do!

  4. When you complete these steps, please email the Artisan Agreement, the photographs of your pieces, and the optional Artisan Biography to with the subject line titled “Art Auction Submission, [Your name]”. To recap, the following should be included in your email:

    • Artisan Agreement

    • At least one labeled photograph of every art piece (in the form of email attachments or a link to a Google Drive Folder)

    • Optional Artisan Biography Form (if completed)


How to send your piece(s) and receive your payment(s) once the auction closes:

  1. If one of your pieces sells, Seaside will contact the highest bidder for that piece through Instagram Direct Message to collect their contact information and mailing address.

  2. Immediately after the close of the auction, the buyer will pay Seaside the amount they bid. Once we receive this payment, we will pass along their contact information and mailing address to you via email so you can deliver your piece to them.

  3. Once we receive confirmation from the buyer that they have received your piece, we will pay you the initial price you listed for your piece in the Artisan Agreement. Seaside will keep the proceeds earned through the bids.


2. How to Participate as a Buyer

How to participate before the auction begins:

In the weeks leading up to the auction, the auction Instagram account, @artauction4ourocean, will be posting information about the participating artisans and their pieces. By following along, participants can begin to get an idea of which artisans they are interested in and what items they would possibly like to purchase. We will also be posting Instagram “highlights” on our profile with short “How to Guides” for the artisans and buyers and more information about Seaside Sustainability. We encourage our follows to share information and raise awareness about the auction through social media or word of mouth. We welcome hobbyists to participate in the auction!


How the auction will work:

The auction will take place from Monday, July 20, 2020 to Monday, August 3, 2020 via @artauction4ourocean. Each art piece will be displayed through a post. The post will include one to ten pictures of the piece and a caption with the title, artisan name, listed price, and description. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win the piece. The artisan will be paid their piece’s listed price and the money raised through bidding will be donated to Seaside Sustainability.


How to bid:

You will be able to bid throughout the length of the auction. To place a bid, simply write your dollar amount in the comments section of your desired piece’s post. All bids must increase by at least a dollar at a time and you must bid whole numbers. We recommend that you periodically check the post to see if someone has placed a higher bid than you. Once bidding ends, the comment section of each posting will be permanently closed.


How to submit your payment(s) and receive your piece(s) once the auction closes:

If you placed the highest bid before the close of the auction, congratulations! You have won your desired piece. We will contact you through Instagram Direct Message and ask for your contact information and the address to which you would like your piece shipped. You are responsible for responding to Seaside’s Instagram Direct Message message as quickly as possible and sending your payment with card or  PayPal via our website.


Once we have received your payment, we will provide the artisan with your contact information and give them the go ahead to send their piece to you. When you receive the piece, please email or Instagram Direct Message @artauction4ourocean to confirm you received your piece. After we hear confirmation from you, we will pay the artisan their initial listed price for that piece.


3. FAQs

For Artisans:

  1. What if my piece doesn’t sell?

    • ​After the auction ends, we will no longer accept bids for any pieces. Your piece will remain your own property but could be used in future auctions at your request!

  2. How should I ship my pieces?

    • We encourage pieces to be sent with tracking to avoid discrepancies.

  3. How will payments be made?

    • ​If you win a piece, you will be contacted through Instagram to arrange payment and confirm your mailing address. Payments can be made directly through our site using a credit card or PayPal.

  4. How are prices determined?

    • ​You will set a price for your piece in the Artisan Agreement. If your piece sells, you will be paid that initial listed price and any additional proceeds raised through bidding will be donated to Seaside Sustainability. We suggest incorporating any shipping or tracking costs in your initial listed price, as you will be covering these costs.

For Buyers:

  1. What if I don’t have Instagram? Can I participate?

    • We recommend creating a free Instagram account to streamline the process, but we are willing to work with individuals as needed if they cannot create an account​

  2. Will I be able to return my piece if I do not like the piece in person? Can I get a refund?

    • ​We do not offer returns or refunds. 

  3. How long will it take for my pieces to be shipped to me?

    • ​Since artisans participating in the auction are located in various places across the country, there will be a range in the amount of time it will take for pieces to get to buyers. In some cases, a tracking number will be provided to customers, as we are suggesting that artisans opt to track the package carrying their piece.


For Both:

  1. Who do I reach out to if I have any questions or concerns


EIN 47-4993870     978.381.3302   INFO@SEASIDESUSTAINABILITY.ORG

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